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[Kid Falls Out Of Car During Stunt] Video Play Video

Kid Falls Out Of Car During Stunt

Some kid tries to do a stunt while driving in his car but loses his grip on the door and falls out.

8 years ago 1,453,291
[How Not To Tow A Car] Video Play Video

How Not To Tow A Car

Wait a second. Where is the radio? Are they trying to steal this car?

1 year ago 96,722
[Car Towing Fail] Video Play Video

Car Towing Fail

For what these guys lack in towing skills I got to give them some credit, they were heck of a lot calmer than I would of been.

4 years ago 96,285
[Terrible Towing Failure] Video Play Video

Terrible Towing Failure

There was nothing wrong with this car's rear axle when he first started towing it, but it'll need some body work after this dumb fail.

6 years ago 738,941
[Treadmill Towing Owned] Video Play Video

Treadmill Towing Owned

Who would have thought that being towed by a car on an old treadmill would be a bad idea? For those who had any doubts, here is video proof.

8 years ago 715,834
[Kid's Monstrous Faceplant Off Tow Truck] Video Play Video

Kid's Monstrous Faceplant Off Tow Truck

This kid's whole life flashed before his eyes after rolling off the tow truck, but he's young, so he still had time to see the ground rushing toward him.

4 years ago 171,303
[The Horse Tows A Car With His Junk] Video Play Video

The Horse Tows A Car With His Junk

Please, Horse, tell us towing a car with your junk is your backup plan for these situations.

4 years ago 115,753
[Bad Towing Fail] Video Play Video

Bad Towing Fail

A driver takes a fast turn while towing his buddies car and slams them into a tree.

4 years ago 348,085
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[Towing Fail] Video Play Video

Towing Fail

Truck trying to be pulled by a small car...

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Towing WIN

Most of us would just get frustrated if ...