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[Girl Face Plants Into Bike Ramp] Video Play Video

Girl Face Plants Into Bike Ramp

Leave it to the chick to ruin the fun for everyone. These guys were having a great time biking off a ramp into the lake when this chick decided she wanted a turn. Never again.

7 years ago 1,535,014
[Bike Prank & Fall] Video Play Video

Bike Prank & Fall

[NEW VERSION COMING SOON] As a prank, we unscrewed his wheel before we started filming, but without our knowledge, he ends up face planting, and breaking his shoulder- but still smiles about it. Talk about good sports.

6 years ago 3,398
[BMX Kid Faceplants Hard on Board] Video Play Video

BMX Kid Faceplants Hard on Board

A ramp finally gets some revenge for being run over so many times when this biker goes over his handlebars and lands on his head.

5 years ago 1,614,604
[Red Tails Exclusive Clip] Video Play Video

Red Tails Exclusive Clip

Watch the Red Tails trailer. crew of African American pilots in the Tuskegee training program, having faced segregation while kept mostly on the ground during World War II, are called into duty under the guidance of Col. A.J. Bullard. de...

2 years ago 11,787
[Icy Face Plant] Video Play Video

Icy Face Plant

Diving into a freezing cold pond is kind of stupid, but still manly. Forgetting to check that the pond hasn't frozen over? Very manly, very stupid.

5 years ago 684,880
[Biker Misses Jump And Lands Face First] Video Play Video

Biker Misses Jump And Lands Face First

This kid rides on top of a wall and tries to jump over a bike rack. He doesnt have enough speed and his back tire gets stuck in the rack slinging him into the ground face first.

7 years ago 651,951
[Skater Face Plants Hard] Video Play Video

Skater Face Plants Hard

This might be the worst face plant that Ive ever seen in my life. I bet this guy had some serious long term damage. Definitely lost all his teeth.

7 years ago 916,503
[Rollerblader Face Plants] Video Play Video

Rollerblader Face Plants

This dude tries to pull off a trick but ends up landing face first into the ground. You would have to try to land anymore face first then this.

6 years ago 513,052
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