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[Willful Weasel Wants Walleye] Video Play Video

Willful Weasel Wants Walleye

Weasels are small and all but those guys can buy like champs. Weasels, relative to their size, have the strongest bite of any predator in North America. Which isn’t to say it’s better to be bit by a bear, it’s just that, for a little animal, they h...

1 year ago 23,324
[Fish] Video Play Video


Is there a Long John Silver’s on the island?

5 years ago 2,053
[Now Thats A Fish] Video Play Video

Now Thats A Fish

I dont know what type of fish these guys were going for but I think its safe to assume it was probably something this big. Got to give the guy credit for not letting go of the pole.

10 years ago 584,005
[The Fish Hunters] Video Play Video

The Fish Hunters

This looks like a lot of fun. I am not sure where these guys are fishing but as the fish continue to jump out of the water they shoot them with a bow and arrow.

9 years ago 554,048
[Hungry Little Fish] Video Play Video

Hungry Little Fish

What are the odds of this one. Two guys are both fishing close to eachother on their boats. At just about the same time they both get a nibble on their line and as they reel it in they find they got the same fish. You would think a big hook in a f...

10 years ago 374,126
[More Bill Dance Fishing Outtakes] Video Play Video

More Bill Dance Fishing Outtakes

They should play this guy's videos in all the bass pro shops in the country on an infinite loop. We've posted some of these outtakes before but I have never seen a full compilati...

10 years ago 1,422,895
[Fishing With Dynamite] Video Play Video

Fishing With Dynamite

I never realized that this would actually work. These guys toss just a little m80 into a pond and a few seconds after the explosion they catch 5 fish. I wonder what a full stick would do.

7 years ago 337,819
[When Legolas Goes Fishing] Video Play Video

When Legolas Goes Fishing

If the hunger games ever become a reality, make sure you stick with this guy.

3 months ago 34,875
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