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[The Better Way Contest] Video Play Video

The Better Way Contest

How Would YOU Spend 10,000 Dollars in 48 Hours?

4 years ago 253,804
[Really Hot French Game Show Contestant] Video Play Video

Really Hot French Game Show Contestant

The host of the French version of Wheel of Fortune is totally distracted a really hot contestant in a low cut shirt. Every time she spins the wheel he drools, as did I.

7 years ago 2,318,392
[The Youtube Contest Is Over] Video Play Video

The Youtube Contest Is Over

As if the best video on Youtube isn’t that Dutch breast exam vid.

2 years ago 11,571
[Best Bachelorette Contestant] Video Play Video

Best Bachelorette Contestant

Best Bachelorette Contestant on Newsfeed - The Bachelorette is back for season number 7, which is 7 more seasons than I thought it should get. This season’s bachelorette is devilish dentist Ashley Hebert who broke Brad’s heart on last season’s The B...

4 years ago 9,586
[Dance Contest Girl Falls Off Stage] Video Play Video

Dance Contest Girl Falls Off Stage

During the dance off portion of the Baltimore Dancehall Queen Competition this girl gets a little too dizzy and disoriented from all that head banging and ends up falling right off the back of the stage. Better than Ms Teen South Carolina...

7 years ago 1,264,916
[Uncaged: Staring Contest Gets Animated] Video Play Video

Uncaged: Staring Contest Gets Animated

This week on Uncaged with Sasquatch, Brian Wilson challenges a disrespectful ‘Squatch to a staring contest. Hijinks ensue as the little Public Access show that could turns into a weird Japanese anime film. Things go flying, but probably not in the ...

3 years ago 563,346
[Slap Contest Knockout] Video Play Video

Slap Contest Knockout

Some guy agrees to a slap contest and gets a little more than he expected.

7 years ago 482,285
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