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[Virginia Beach Jet Crash] Video Play Video

Virginia Beach Jet Crash

Earlier today a Navy F/A-18D crashed into an apartment complex in Virginia Beach. Less than three months earlier a local news channel did a segment on how the Navy would respond if a Jet crashed in Virginia Beach. The foreshadowing of this segment ...

2 years ago 36,915
[Good Tech Or Bad Tech: The Bumpy Touchscreen] Video Play Video

Good Tech Or Bad Tech: The Bumpy Touchscreen

Inflating and deflating buttons on touchscreens. Is this awesome or pointless? And can the buttons only inflate on keys? You know what we're getting at...

2 years ago 33,460
[Long Lasting Tech Beat] Video Play Video

Long Lasting Tech Beat

Shows you the latest gadgets and gizmos you just gotta have!

6 years ago 48,274
[Low Flying Helicopter Hits Car] Video Play Video

Low Flying Helicopter Hits Car

A low flying helicopter clips the window of a car and ends up getting pulled to the ground over the weekend in South Africa.

7 years ago 2,399,545
[9 Tech Hacks That Will Make Your Life Better] Video Play Video

9 Tech Hacks That Will Make Your Life Better

Tired of buying expensive accessories for your already expensive gadgets? Here are some quick DIY hacks you can use to save some money.

1 year ago 32,955
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