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[Too Super Cool For His Ticket] Video Play Video

Too Super Cool For His Ticket

This dude gets pulled over for speeding but is just way too super cool for a ticket.

6 years ago 2,493,432
[Ticket Ops] Video Play Video

Ticket Ops

This clip is top secret and will self destruct in 30 seconds.

5 years ago 272,351
[Man Beats Ticket With Cop's Dashcam Evidence] Video Play Video

Man Beats Ticket With Cop's Dashcam Evidence

A bit long, but the video shows him going through all green lights and still getting pulled over. Good to see him win in his day in court.

1 year ago 33,184
[Wrong Suspect Tasered] Video Play Video

Wrong Suspect Tasered

Suspect leads cops on a high speed chase, but he wasn't who they were looking for.

5 years ago 15,846
[When Cops Become Robbers] Video Play Video

When Cops Become Robbers

Yet another in the long line of reasons to not trust the man.

2 days ago
[Truck Crashes Into Cop During Stop] Video Play Video

Truck Crashes Into Cop During Stop

A cop pulls over a speeding driver and while issuing a ticket on the highway gets hit by an out of control truck.

7 years ago 683,349
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[Get The Taser!] Video Play Video

Get The Taser!

When Tommy and Sara return home after di...