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Videos about "utah cop tasers man for not signing speeding ticket"

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[Ticket Ops] Video Play Video

Ticket Ops

This clip is top secret and will self destruct in 30 seconds.

5 years ago 272,074
[Too Super Cool For His Ticket] Video Play Video

Too Super Cool For His Ticket

This dude gets pulled over for speeding but is just way too super cool for a ticket.

6 years ago 2,481,153
[Man Beats Ticket With Cop's Dashcam Evidence] Video Play Video

Man Beats Ticket With Cop's Dashcam Evidence

A bit long, but the video shows him going through all green lights and still getting pulled over. Good to see him win in his day in court.

7 months ago 32,903
[Wrong Suspect Tasered] Video Play Video

Wrong Suspect Tasered

Suspect leads cops on a high speed chase, but he wasn't who they were looking for.

5 years ago 15,703
[Trigger Happy Cop Tazes Speeder] Video Play Video

Trigger Happy Cop Tazes Speeder

This guy was going five miles an hour over the speed limit and because it took him more than 10 seconds to get his license for the cop he is asked to get out of the car and eventually tazed.

4 years ago 336,949
[Truck Crashes Into Cop During Stop] Video Play Video

Truck Crashes Into Cop During Stop

A cop pulls over a speeding driver and while issuing a ticket on the highway gets hit by an out of control truck.

7 years ago 676,969
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[Get The Taser!] Video Play Video

Get The Taser!

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