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[Office Worker Goes Absolutely Insane] Video Play Video

Office Worker Goes Absolutely Insane

This might be the best office flip out video every captured on film. Some dude goes absolutely insane.

7 years ago 4,746,495
[The Great Office War] Video Play Video

The Great Office War

Witness the biggest and greatest office confrontation ever!

7 years ago 3,984,334
[Fired Employee Destroys Office] Video Play Video

Fired Employee Destroys Office

Clearly, the whole situation is the boss' fault. He fires and insults someone, and then leaves them alone in his office--what did he think would happen?

6 years ago 928,576
[Cop Gets Tazered By Fellow Officer] Video Play Video

Cop Gets Tazered By Fellow Officer

A group of cops arrest a man on the highway. One of the cops starts to put his tazer away when he accidentally pulls the trigger and takes out his buddy. At least he didnt draw his gun.

8 years ago 902,022
[Breakdance Battle at the Office] Video Play Video

Breakdance Battle at the Office

Sometimes the only way to settle a dispute for snack food is to spin around on your head for several seconds.

6 years ago 806,260
[Office Prank] Video Play Video

Office Prank

Try this simple prank on that co-worker you just can't stand.

6 years ago 64,964
[Hipster Office] Video Play Video

Hipster Office

I suspect these guys don't really work in this office. They just showed up here because their old office had gone mainstream.

4 years ago 8,689
[What Your Office Copier Is Actually Used For] Video Play Video

What Your Office Copier Is Actually Used For

Man In The Box presents "What Your Office Copier Is Actually Used For." When was the last time you actually used your office copy machine for... work?

3 years ago 9,020
[An Office Match] Video Play Video

An Office Match

They got bored in the office!

3 years ago 5,583
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[Office Boredom] Video Play Video

Office Boredom

Pretty much every office worker knows th...