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[He Fought The Law And The Law Lost] Video Play Video

He Fought The Law And The Law Lost

This guy sounded like he had a pretty solid argument going with the cops but finally decided that he was faster than both of them and took off. Sad the cops only made it 10 steps before giving up.

6 years ago 462,600
[DID YOU KNOW: LAW] Video Play Video


Some funny, some antiquated, and certainly all unique state and national laws.

8 years ago 81,999
[Outside the Law Trailer] Video Play Video

Outside the Law Trailer

Watch the Outside the Law trailer. A drama about the Algerian struggle for independence from France after WWII. Watch the Outside the Law trailer in 480p or 720p streaming online. delivers official movie trailers previews, teasers and cl...

5 years ago 9,417
[Teenage Kid Knows Texas Law] Video Play Video

Teenage Kid Knows Texas Law

This teenage kid has a better understanding of Texas law than the cop that just pulled him over.

4 years ago 278,486
[Beware The Law Dog] Video Play Video

Beware The Law Dog

The wiener dog of justice

1 year ago 55,159
[Ball Defies Laws Of Gravity] Video Play Video

Ball Defies Laws Of Gravity

Wow, I guess when Superman is in the stands anything can happen. Check out this amazing gravity-defying play!

5 years ago 111,989
[Defying the Laws of Physics] Video Play Video

Defying the Laws of Physics

Scott Hartnell works a little bit of magic behind the goal line, willing the puck in past Thomas for the first goal of the game.

5 years ago 1,028
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[Law & Justice] Video Play Video

Law & Justice

Detectives Spangler and Harrison must fi...

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