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[Spanish Girl Stripped and Beat By Cops] Video Play Video

Spanish Girl Stripped and Beat By Cops

A cute young Spanish girl is taken into custody by two female Barcelona police officers who proceed to beat the crap out of her while she is in hand cuffs. Note to self, get arrested in Barcelona.

7 years ago 3,002,278
[Biker Outruns Cops On Highway] Video Play Video

Biker Outruns Cops On Highway

This isnt a motorcycle. This dude is actually on a bike and he outruns the cops while dodging traffic on an interstate.

7 years ago 1,962,845
[When Cops Become Robbers] Video Play Video

When Cops Become Robbers

Yet another in the long line of reasons to not trust the man.

14 days ago
[Cop Faceplants Stepping Off Boat] Video Play Video

Cop Faceplants Stepping Off Boat

Notice the twenty-something guys trying very hard not to laugh at this policeman as he trips over a railing and falls hard onto the dock.

5 years ago 1,600,067
[Cop Pranked At Police Station] Video Play Video

Cop Pranked At Police Station

Some dude hides in a tall cardboard box at a police station. As on of the cops walks by he jumps out making the dude scream.

7 years ago 1,381,815
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[COPS] Video Play Video


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