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Coors Light

6 years ago 866
[Little Dove Hunter] Video Play Video

Little Dove Hunter

Little dude dove hunting with his dad. Watch what happens when he gets a shot at one.

8 years ago 790,725
[The Fish Hunters] Video Play Video

The Fish Hunters

This looks like a lot of fun. I am not sure where these guys are fishing but as the fish continue to jump out of the water they shoot them with a bow and arrow.

8 years ago 550,289
[Hunter Gets Pranked] Video Play Video

Hunter Gets Pranked

As a hunter cleans his gun, his wife creeps up behind him with a balloon and gives him the scare of his life. Maybe he planned the hunting trip on their anniversar...

5 years ago 148,477
[Spy Hunter] Video Play Video

Spy Hunter

Spy Hunter Preroll 30

3 years ago 980
[Hunter Gets His Butt Kicked By Deer] Video Play Video

Hunter Gets His Butt Kicked By Deer

This may very well be the absolute worst hunter ever. Not only does he miss his shot but the buck ends up charging him and then kicking his butt.

8 years ago 950,574
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[My First Tree] Video Play Video

My First Tree

Didnt really go as smoothly as I thought...