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[Break At Night: "Boy God" The Movie?] Video Play Video

Break At Night: "Boy God" The Movie?

Is this summer's slate of superhero blockbusters looking pretty crappy to you? Then check out "Boy God!" This Filipino flick features a small child with superhuman powers, like curling into a ball and rolling through people like bowling pins! We here...

1 year ago 8,868
['That's My Boy' Exclusive Sneak Peek] Video Play Video

'That's My Boy' Exclusive Sneak Peek

Adam Sandler & Andy Samberg star in THAT'S MY BOY, a comedy about a father trying to reconnect with his son and deal with the repercussions of his bad parenting skills.

1 year ago 355
[Uganda's First Action Movie Trailer] Video Play Video

Uganda's First Action Movie Trailer

"Who Killed Captain Alex" is apparently Uganda's first action movie. From the looks of the trailer, forcing someone to watch this would just be Uganda's latest human rights violation.

3 years ago 102,791
[Nerd Machine: Trailer Park Heroes Pt. 2] Video Play Video

Nerd Machine: Trailer Park Heroes Pt. 2

Cosplay creatures run amok and terrorize a trailer park outside of San Diego during Comic-Con International. Can our heroes save the day (and themselves) or will they get eaten alive by a nightmare menagerie of bad guys? Starring Zac Levi, Adam Baldw...

1 year ago 343,892
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