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[The Entrance] Video Play Video

The Entrance

The Entrance

5 years ago 720
[Bridal Party Entrance Fail] Video Play Video

Bridal Party Entrance Fail

A bridesmaid and groomsmen come through the entrance dancing. The bridesmaid dances way too crazy and falls over on the floor; she gets up and continuing going crazy

1 month ago 207
[Wedding Entrance Fail] Video Play Video

Wedding Entrance Fail

This dude just wanted to get everyone's attention on his wedding entrance and if that was his goal maybe this is a win after all.

6 years ago 424,637
[Best Prom Date Entrance Ever] Video Play Video

Best Prom Date Entrance Ever

A prom queen descending a staircase is a very memorable moment, and this girl will never forget hers after she falls on her face.

7 years ago 331,827
[Really Bad Stage Entrance] Video Play Video

Really Bad Stage Entrance

Some moron actor in a local play tries to make a grand stage entrance to amaze the crowd. It does not go well.

8 years ago 281,603
[Best Man Wedding Entrance Fail] Video Play Video

Best Man Wedding Entrance Fail

Weddings are the best places for guys to meet women. I'm pretty sure he's looking for a nurse.

5 years ago 140,698
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