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[Elisabetta Canalis Goes Nude] Video Play Video

Elisabetta Canalis Goes Nude

Actress Elisabetta Canalis is the latest person to get “fake” naked for the PETA anti-fur campaign. I say “fake naked” because I saw the pictures and I am not an idiot. I’m no genius but I am 100% accurate in being able to tell if someone is naked in...

5 years ago 17,301
[Naked and afraid? Nude man runs along I-8 in La Mesa] Video Play Video

Naked and afraid? Nude man runs along I-8 in La Mesa

SAN DIEGO - Officers were able to corral a man who was discovered running naked along Interstate 8 in La Mesa Wednesday morning. At 11-11 a.m., San Diego police responded to reports that the man was walking on I-8 west at Severin Drive, according to...

11 months ago 495
[Who Knew Vodka Kept You Warm? This Crazy Guy] Video Play Video

Who Knew Vodka Kept You Warm? This Crazy Guy

Where most of us would shiver our balls off, this man runs around nearly nude, jumping in freezing water and enjoying the snow. His secret: straight vodka. We salute you, ya crazy bastard.

4 years ago 54,254
[Naked Roller Coaster 2] Video Play Video

Naked Roller Coaster 2

On 25 October 2015 Adventure Island Amusement Park hosted an attempt at the Guinness World Record for the most naked riders on a roller coaster, a record last set by the park in 2010 (102 riders).

1 year ago 3,710
[Wild Hare Condoms - Free Condoms!!! Unrated] Video Play Video

Wild Hare Condoms - Free Condoms!!! Unrated

Wild Hare is an online ultra-premium condom delivery service. Here is a view of our mascot getting a bit frisky in the park. To see more and get free samples visit us at

9 years ago 48,062
[Watermelon Disintigration] Video Play Video

Watermelon Disintigration

We had an extra watermelon and some sort of firework... all that was left was a scorch mark... sorry about the cell phone quality it was kinda spurr of the moment

9 years ago 732
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