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[Bug On Touchscreen Computer] Video Play Video

Bug On Touchscreen Computer

A fly takes control of a man's touchscreen. This is why you always wait for the second generation of new devices. The first ones usually have too many bugs.

3 years ago 133,176
[Good Tech Or Bad Tech: The Bumpy Touchscreen] Video Play Video

Good Tech Or Bad Tech: The Bumpy Touchscreen

Inflating and deflating buttons on touchscreens. Is this awesome or pointless? And can the buttons only inflate on keys? You know what we're getting at...

1 year ago 31,066
[Technology Is Tearing Us All Apart] Video Play Video

Technology Is Tearing Us All Apart

Facebook friends, up-votes, points, and the illumination from a screen aren't going to fill that dark, lonely, hole that is in your heart. ...

2 years ago 47,919
[Adolfo Dececco - Touchscreen] Video Play Video

Adolfo Dececco - Touchscreen

Artista- Adolfo Dececco . Titolo- Touchscreen . Etichetta- Zelda Music . Distribuzione- Universal . Promozione- L'AltopArlAnte . Regista- Marco Antonecchia . Album di riferimento- Metromoralità . Autori- Adolfo Dececco e Giorgio D'Orazio . Edizioni ...

2 months ago
[Bug on a Touchscreen] Video Play Video

Bug on a Touchscreen

Bug flies onto my Touchscreen and starts navigating the interwebs.

3 years ago 12
[Virtual DJ touchscreen] Video Play Video

Virtual DJ touchscreen

Mixing on virtual dj with a touch whiteboard made with a wiimote and a projector. ... virtual dj touch screen white board wii mote wiimote pergamino argentina bmx

5 years ago 154
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