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[Bug On Touchscreen Computer] Video Play Video

Bug On Touchscreen Computer

A fly takes control of a man's touchscreen. This is why you always wait for the second generation of new devices. The first ones usually have too many bugs.

4 years ago 133,749
[Good Tech Or Bad Tech: The Bumpy Touchscreen] Video Play Video

Good Tech Or Bad Tech: The Bumpy Touchscreen

Inflating and deflating buttons on touchscreens. Is this awesome or pointless? And can the buttons only inflate on keys? You know what we're getting at...

2 years ago 34,248
[Technology Is Tearing Us All Apart] Video Play Video

Technology Is Tearing Us All Apart

Facebook friends, up-votes, points, and the illumination from a screen aren't going to fill that dark, lonely, hole that is in your heart. ...

3 years ago 50,641
[Adolfo Dececco - Touchscreen] Video Play Video

Adolfo Dececco - Touchscreen

Artista- Adolfo Dececco . Titolo- Touchscreen . Etichetta- Zelda Music . Distribuzione- Universal . Promozione- L'AltopArlAnte . Regista- Marco Antonecchia . Album di riferimento- Metromoralità . Autori- Adolfo Dececco e Giorgio D'Orazio . Edizioni ...

1 year ago 01
[Bug on a Touchscreen] Video Play Video

Bug on a Touchscreen

Bug flies onto my Touchscreen and starts navigating the interwebs.

4 years ago 12
[The World's Most Advanced Car Touchscreen Cars Now In India ...] Video Play Video

The World's Most Advanced Car Touchscreen Cars Now In India ...

The World's Most Advanced Car Touchscreen Cars Now In India, The Magic Car in India, Touchscreen Car which is giving as differ and incredible tech for automobiles, we love auto news but that type of concept is God gifted we are saying that type of Te...

1 year ago 05
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