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[Bug On Touchscreen Computer] Video Play Video

Bug On Touchscreen Computer

A fly takes control of a man's touchscreen. This is why you always wait for the second generation of new devices. The first ones usually have too many bugs.

4 years ago 133,722
[Dancing Chick Shatters Table] Video Play Video

Dancing Chick Shatters Table

This apparently happened after the Bay to Breakers festival in San Francisco. One bouncing chick took that title a little too literally.

6 years ago 1,677,496
[Skinny Kid Tries to Break Table] Video Play Video

Skinny Kid Tries to Break Table

Will the table break in half when he throws all of his body weight onto it, or will he suffer an incredibly painful backflop? Maybe both?

6 years ago 1,655,681
[Good Tech Or Bad Tech: The Bumpy Touchscreen] Video Play Video

Good Tech Or Bad Tech: The Bumpy Touchscreen

Inflating and deflating buttons on touchscreens. Is this awesome or pointless? And can the buttons only inflate on keys? You know what we're getting at...

2 years ago 34,214
[Table Dance Gone Wrong] Video Play Video

Table Dance Gone Wrong

There's nothing like learning the hard way how not to dance on tables. The only tried and true way is at a gentleman's club.

8 years ago 1,105,891
[Table Pool Slip And Slide] Video Play Video

Table Pool Slip And Slide

Sometimes taking two really fun activities and combining them doesn't create another fun activity. Like in this case, take swimming in a pool and and slip and sliding off a table. The result...

8 years ago 1,083,487
[The Periodic Table Table] Video Play Video

The Periodic Table Table

This guy loves science so much that he spent years working on a Periodic Table table, which is a table that is shaped like the table and contains every element. And it's amazing.

3 years ago 68,971
[Face Plant Into Picnic Table] Video Play Video

Face Plant Into Picnic Table

This dude tries to bounce his bike onto a table but it gets caught in the snow pulling him over the handle bars and crushing his face into the table.

8 years ago 795,607
[Man Vs Table] Video Play Video

Man Vs Table

That’s some WWE stuff right there.

1 month ago 73,991
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