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[8 Year Old Guitar Hero Master] Video Play Video

8 Year Old Guitar Hero Master

I got to admit I hadnt heard of Guitar Hero until last week and now its becoming pretty huge apparently. Well this 8 year old kid is better than Ill ever be!

9 years ago 1,535,579
[Guitar Hero Nutshot] Video Play Video

Guitar Hero Nutshot

April prank wars continue with our second recipient of the $200 prank video bonus. This guitar hero isn't looking very heroic anymore.

8 years ago 314,673
[Guitar Hero Plus Two Rubik's Cubes] Video Play Video

Guitar Hero Plus Two Rubik's Cubes

Is playing Guitar Hero on expert while solving two Rubik's cubes an impressive display of coordination or massive waste of time? I'm going to go with both.

7 years ago 136,328
[Guitar Not a Hero] Video Play Video

Guitar Not a Hero

After the video stopped an Oboe player just laid him out flat with a blow to the head.

3 years ago 38,532
[1 Guy Beats Hardest Guitar Hero Level] Video Play Video

1 Guy Beats Hardest Guitar Hero Level

So the other day we posted a video of 6 guys colluding to beat the hardest Guitar Hero Level of all on expert mode Through The Flames and Fire. Well this guy puts them all to shame by beating it single handedly.

8 years ago 824,553
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