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[Bug On Touchscreen Computer] Video Play Video

Bug On Touchscreen Computer

A fly takes control of a man's touchscreen. This is why you always wait for the second generation of new devices. The first ones usually have too many bugs.

3 years ago 133,080
[Good Tech Or Bad Tech: The Bumpy Touchscreen] Video Play Video

Good Tech Or Bad Tech: The Bumpy Touchscreen

Inflating and deflating buttons on touchscreens. Is this awesome or pointless? And can the buttons only inflate on keys? You know what we're getting at...

1 year ago 31,049
[Computer Dominos] Video Play Video

Computer Dominos

After a dot-com merger completed a company had 82 extra computers lying around. A couple of guys lined them up like dominos around the office and knocked them over. Personally, I think they cheated around the second turn.

7 years ago 499,264
[How A Computer Hard Drive Works] Video Play Video

How A Computer Hard Drive Works

Pretty cool video explaining how a computer hard drive works. If only they could make sandwiches too.

7 years ago 812,830
[How To Use A Computer] Video Play Video

How To Use A Computer

We use to live in a world where computers were foreign an odd. A scary, scary world...

1 year ago 44,503
[How To Crash Your Buddies Computer] Video Play Video

How To Crash Your Buddies Computer

Here is a simple little trick that will cause your buddies computer to eventually crash and have to be rebooted.

7 years ago 328,132
[Dog Tries To Drag Owner From Computer] Video Play Video

Dog Tries To Drag Owner From Computer

This valiant dog is desperately trying to drag his owner away from the computer, where he's been staring at thumbnails for God knows how long. You can't help someone who doesn't want to be helped, puppy.

2 years ago 146,233
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