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[POV: Tightrope Over Yosemite Falls] Video Play Video

POV: Tightrope Over Yosemite Falls

Go full screen, and your 'nads will retreat further with each step this guy takes forward.

3 years ago 34,206
[Girl's Death Defying Tightrope Stunt] Video Play Video

Girl's Death Defying Tightrope Stunt

World record-holding highliner Faith Dickey has to walk between two moving trucks before they reach an upcoming tunnel and snap the rope.

4 years ago 72,689
[Lucky Oil Man Nearly Falls To Death] Video Play Video

Lucky Oil Man Nearly Falls To Death

A Derrick hand (oil worker) nearly falls to his death while latching a stand of pipe. He apparently put on his safety belt with out making sure it was secured to something.

8 years ago 368,846
[Niagra Falls Death] Video Play Video

Niagra Falls Death

With the recent death of a young Canadian woman who slipped and fell 80 feet at Niagra Falls National Park, the summer of 2011 has officially become the deadliest in U.S. Parks history. Really, I don’t know… Does a Canadian person count? It’s a U.S. ...

5 years ago 3,413
[Nearly Scared To Death] Video Play Video

Nearly Scared To Death

This kid is singing when his mom comes in the room and scares him. The little dude is so startled from his mom that he passes out.

10 years ago 1,874,637
[Biker With Death Wish] Video Play Video

Biker With Death Wish

This is some insane footage a guy took while being chased by a police officer. The dude ends up not only outrunning the cop but causing him to crash. Hopefully, this video ends up as evidence in court.

10 years ago 1,348,049
[The Wall of Death] Video Play Video

The Wall of Death

This is a video from a recent heavy metal concert. Two walls of people form on opposite ends of the floor and like a scene out of 300 charge eachother at full speed.

9 years ago 1,070,744
[Walker Told Keyboard Cat He Has AIDS] Video Play Video

Walker Told Keyboard Cat He Has AIDS

This little dude seems like he's having a good day, until Keyboard Cat ruins the moment. Damn you Keyboard Cat! How could Chuck Norris let this happen?

7 years ago 19,984
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