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[Gibbon on tightrope] Video Play Video

Gibbon on tightrope

Gibbon at Monkeyland crossing the suspension bridge in a very novel way

1 year ago 852
[POV: Tightrope Over Yosemite Falls] Video Play Video

POV: Tightrope Over Yosemite Falls

Go full screen, and your 'nads will retreat further with each step this guy takes forward.

1 year ago 33,220
[Treadmill Handstand Attempt] Video Play Video

Treadmill Handstand Attempt

This dude attempts to do a handstand on a moving treadmill. It does not go well.

6 years ago 1,329,972
[Tightrope Fail Over Pool Destroys Roof] Video Play Video

Tightrope Fail Over Pool Destroys Roof

There's nothing that ruins a day more than destroying your house. Well, there are a few other things, but destroying your house ranks up there.

2 years ago 91,193
[Girl's Death Defying Tightrope Stunt] Video Play Video

Girl's Death Defying Tightrope Stunt

World record-holding highliner Faith Dickey has to walk between two moving trucks before they reach an upcoming tunnel and snap the rope.

2 years ago 71,172
[Military Attempts To Find Insurgents In Tower] Video Play Video

Military Attempts To Find Insurgents In Tower

A group of insurgents were caught running into a tower after blowing off a car bomb in Iraq. This video is of the military locating the insurgents.

7 years ago 1,517,022
[Best Escape Attempt Ever] Video Play Video

Best Escape Attempt Ever

A couple bungling criminals fleeing from custody have one flaw in their genius plan: they're still handcuffed together. Worst escape for them, best escape for our viewing pleasure.

5 years ago 588,726
[Drunk Cheerleader Attempts Routine] Video Play Video

Drunk Cheerleader Attempts Routine

A cheerleader and her boyfriend attempt a part of their routine after a night out at the bars. The guy loses his balance and drops his girl from his shoulders onto the ground.

7 years ago 954,243
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[Nicks Attempts] Video Play Video

Nicks Attempts

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