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[Baby Squirrel Hungry] Video Play Video

Baby Squirrel Hungry

A baby squirrel is hungry and running around with a syringe in his mouth

10 months ago 569
[Kens cyst vs. syringe] Video Play Video

Kens cyst vs. syringe

I first use a syringe to try and extract something out of a lump under my ear lobe to determine ends up being thick gooey pus and not a solid mass. Good news I guess.

7 years ago 6,605
[Enema Syringe - SUPPENDAPO] Video Play Video

Enema Syringe - SUPPENDAPO

Do you have your SUPplies for the PENDing APOcalypse? Time is in short supply these days. Call NOW! 206.338.2903 & place your order.

9 years ago 5,507
[Bioshock Syringe - DIY PROP SHOP] Video Play Video

Bioshock Syringe - DIY PROP SHOP

We're approaching Halloween, have you thought of your costume yet? Hendo is here to show you one creepy prop from Bioshock!

1 month ago 3,117
[Syringe Shields by Medi-Ray] Video Play Video

Syringe Shields by Medi-Ray

Medi-RayTM is the hallmark of radiation safety, shielding solutions and counterweight design. Medi-RayTM has produced numerous precision lead syringe shield designs incorporating plastic security interior and exterior components. Syringe shields unde...

2 years ago 178
[pad printer medical syringe tube] Video Play Video

pad printer medical syringe tube

Auto loading,auto positioning,auto printing and auto unlaoding,all the process with auto system,the rolling printing system would easy to solve the promble of logo change on the round rube print,and print speed up to 3000pcs/hr. If you would like to ...

3 years ago 08
[Medical Syringe Tube Roll Pad Printer] Video Play Video

Medical Syringe Tube Roll Pad Printer

Auto loading,auto positioning,auto printing and auto unloading,all the process with auto system,and the machine rolling printing sulotion would solve the promble of printed logo change. If you would like to know more machine about Zhongxing Tampon P...

3 years ago 06
[How To Prepare an Insulin Syringe to Inject a Diabetic Cat] Video Play Video

How To Prepare an Insulin Syringe to Inject a Diabetic Cat

How to prepare an insulin syringe to inject your diabetic cat. Dr. Mike educates you on the different types of insulin syringes, how to fill the syringe, and the precautions to take to make sure your cat is getting the correct dose of insulin.

7 years ago 120
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Ball Game

‘..would you get plastic surgery? They t...

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Blood & Rum

me taking my own blood with a syringe, t...