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[Rubiks Cube Solving Robot] Video Play Video

Rubiks Cube Solving Robot

I thought this one was pretty amazing. Some guy built a machine that can solve a rubiks cube.

6 years ago 196,325
[German Robot Pole Dancers!] Video Play Video

German Robot Pole Dancers!

Mankind's greatest achievement: a humanoid robot and guys will just use it for sex. - German developer Tobit Software brought along its programmable pole dancing robots to its booth at the CeBIT trade fair in.

1 month ago 48,843
[Robotic Drumming Prosthesis] Video Play Video

Robotic Drumming Prosthesis

Georgia Tech has created a robotic drumming prosthesis with motors that power two drumsticks. The first stick is controlled both physically by the musicians' arms and electronically using electromyography (EMG) muscle sensors. The other stick listens...

1 month ago 716
[Amazing Robot Dance!] Video Play Video

Amazing Robot Dance!

This is the best robot dance video I've ever seen! So You Think You Can Dance contestant Robert Muraine wows the audience with his robotic moves. This brings the art of pop and lock to a whole new level. Forget doing the joke robot at weddings folk...

5 years ago 19,050,395
[The Robots Are Coming] Video Play Video

The Robots Are Coming

They might be a little behind schedule for taking over the world, but they're getting closer.

9 months ago 1,026
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