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[Amazing Robot Dance!] Video Play Video

Amazing Robot Dance!

This is the best robot dance video I've ever seen! So You Think You Can Dance contestant Robert Muraine wows the audience with his robotic moves. This brings the art of pop and lock to a whole new level. Forget doing the joke robot at weddings folk...

8 years ago 19,177,186
[GM: Robot] Video Play Video

GM: Robot

General Motors is obsessed with quality which is driving this robot over the edge.

9 years ago 151,987
[Robots Vs WWE] Video Play Video

Robots Vs WWE

It’s a slobberknocker.

1 year ago 45,022
[Breakfast Of Robots] Video Play Video

Breakfast Of Robots

Now teach it to mix drinks and life is good.

1 year ago 10,216
[Robot Recognizes Itself] Video Play Video

Robot Recognizes Itself

I doubt they'll still look this cute once they figure out time travel and start knocking us off one by one.

4 years ago 45,208
[Insane Robot Dancer Looks A Little Too Robotic] Video Play Video

Insane Robot Dancer Looks A Little Too Robotic

We all like a good dancer doing "The Robot." But this guy takes it a step further and actually looks so much like a robot, it's a little freaky. But, he gets a pass with the Wall-E outfit.

4 years ago 113,410
[The Robots Are Coming] Video Play Video

The Robots Are Coming

They might be a little behind schedule for taking over the world, but they're getting closer.

3 years ago 1,305
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