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[Effects Of Drugs And Alcohol On Spider Webs] Video Play Video

Effects Of Drugs And Alcohol On Spider Webs

In the 1960s, Dr. Peter Witt gave spiders various kinds of drugs and alcohol to observe the effects on their webs. The results were pretty interesting. Just like humans, the best spider artists are usually pretty high most of the time. Opening up new...

7 years ago 5,950,904
[Ant Vs Spider] Video Play Video

Ant Vs Spider

Some pretty impressive moves from this spider were not enough to pull out the win.

2 years ago 237,654
[Kids Sing Eye of the Tiger] Video Play Video

Kids Sing Eye of the Tiger

How does an pump-up anthem become more inspiring? Make adorable kids sing it. Cue the montage!

4 years ago 208,470
[Youll Shoot Your Eye Out] Video Play Video

Youll Shoot Your Eye Out

Homeboy takes a direct hit to his looking ball from a paintball gun. i guess that's why they tell you to always wear your mask.

7 years ago 1,158,288
[Mom Scared to Death by Spider] Video Play Video

Mom Scared to Death by Spider

The same poor mom who got a concussion from the last prank her husband and kid pulled, is rudely awoken to a very large fake spider on her bed. Hopefully they buy her somet...

6 years ago 554,732
[Hotel Clerk With Crazy Eyes] Video Play Video

Hotel Clerk With Crazy Eyes

"Do you have reservations?" "After seeing your eyes, yes!"

Maybe the hotel management told her to keep her eyes open for suspicious activity?

2 years ago 127,627
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