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[Most Awesome Stupid Pet Tricks] Video Play Video

Most Awesome Stupid Pet Tricks

You Can teach a dog new tricks, but that doesn't mean they're going to be impressive. Here are some of our Most Awesome Stupid Pet Tricks.

1 year ago 50,372
[Most Awesome (Stupid) Human Tricks] Video Play Video

Most Awesome (Stupid) Human Tricks

These five people have one thing in common, they all have completely useless (yet completely awesome) talents. Who would you give the blue ribbon to?

1 year ago 53,879
[I'm With Stupid] Video Play Video

I'm With Stupid

Did you know that the world is ending soon and we're all going to hell? Well this nut job is warning all us evil doers by holding up a sign that says "Heaven or Hell U Choose" outside a local Wall Mart. We should all get together and pull this prank ...

7 years ago 419,303
[Man Playing With His Pet Bear] Video Play Video

Man Playing With His Pet Bear

Wasn't that impressed with a bear doing tricks until it started playing the trumpet. That's impressive.

10 months ago 1,869
[Cute Puppy Yelps For Elmo] Video Play Video

Cute Puppy Yelps For Elmo

This really cute young puppy sounds like a baby human when he yelps. And for some reason he sounds like he is yelping for Elmo.

5 years ago 551,308
[Horny Dog Ruins Music Video] Video Play Video

Horny Dog Ruins Music Video

This girl wants to make a music video of her dancing but unfortunately her horny dog Hapu ruins everything.

6 years ago 1,487,402
[Tiger Shark Destroys Turtle] Video Play Video

Tiger Shark Destroys Turtle

In shark videos, Great Whites tend to steal the spotlight when it comes to vicious sharks but dont forget that the Tiger Shark is just as deadly. Unfortunately this turtle learns ...

6 years ago 856,820
[Frisky Dolphin Finds A Friend] Video Play Video

Frisky Dolphin Finds A Friend

Apparently, a couple fish wasn't enough for this dolphin to keep doing tricks in the pool.

5 years ago 679,083
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[Spoiled B*tch] Video Play Video

Spoiled B*tch

my dog is one spoiled b*tch! she makes m...