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[Most Awesome Stupid Pet Tricks] Video Play Video

Most Awesome Stupid Pet Tricks

You Can teach a dog new tricks, but that doesn't mean they're going to be impressive. Here are some of our Most Awesome Stupid Pet Tricks.

4 years ago 50,873
[Dog Is Bad At Playing Dead] Video Play Video

Dog Is Bad At Playing Dead

This dog is trying to play dead but he has one dead giveaway. Can you figure out what it is? ...

9 years ago 864,680
[Man Playing With His Pet Bear] Video Play Video

Man Playing With His Pet Bear

Wasn't that impressed with a bear doing tricks until it started playing the trumpet. That's impressive.

3 years ago 2,511
[Little Girl Plays With Dead Squirrel] Video Play Video

Little Girl Plays With Dead Squirrel

This little girl shows off her brand-new dead squirrel. In every respect, it's a better pet than a chihuahua.

5 years ago 270,112
[Bruno Plays Dead] Video Play Video

Bruno Plays Dead

A lot of dogs know how to play dead but nobody does it as good as this dog. ...

5 years ago 112,407
[Cat Plays Dead And Fools Dog] Video Play Video

Cat Plays Dead And Fools Dog

The dog looked legitimately concerned and he realized he'd been tricked.

3 years ago 6,988
[Doesn't Play Well With Others] Video Play Video

Doesn't Play Well With Others

This little fella can't stand other animals and attacks even cardboard cutouts of them around the house.

8 years ago 211,143
[One Plays Dead, The Other May Be] Video Play Video

One Plays Dead, The Other May Be

Two girls pretend to play dead. One girl plays it safe, while the other goes for gritty realism, bouncing her head off the windowsill. She should definitely get the role if she ever wakes up.

5 years ago 217,704
[Petting Zoo Goat Slams Kid] Video Play Video

Petting Zoo Goat Slams Kid

This kid was having a good time playing with the animals at a petting zoo when suddenly this old goat decides to slam him from behind.

8 years ago 346,589
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