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[Most Awesome Stupid Pet Tricks] Video Play Video

Most Awesome Stupid Pet Tricks

You Can teach a dog new tricks, but that doesn't mean they're going to be impressive. Here are some of our Most Awesome Stupid Pet Tricks.

1 year ago 50,427
[Stupid Human Trick] Video Play Video

Stupid Human Trick

This guy is light years ahead of David Copperfield, and he's our first Talent Contest Winner.

5 years ago 356,888
[Creepy Dog Has Scary Bark] Video Play Video

Creepy Dog Has Scary Bark

This dog is so creepy! The vile puppy resembles a hell hound much more than anything on earth. There are two of these things standing on either side of the gates of hell, guaranteed. If you were to record the dog's eerie bark and play it backwards ...

5 years ago 2,385,966
[Most Awesome (Stupid) Human Tricks] Video Play Video

Most Awesome (Stupid) Human Tricks

These five people have one thing in common, they all have completely useless (yet completely awesome) talents. Who would you give the blue ribbon to?

1 year ago 53,959
[Pet Fly] Video Play Video

Pet Fly

If you could catch one, you would.

5 years ago 2,228
[Man Playing With His Pet Bear] Video Play Video

Man Playing With His Pet Bear

Wasn't that impressed with a bear doing tricks until it started playing the trumpet. That's impressive.

1 year ago 1,915
[Whiskey And Water Bar Trick] Video Play Video

Whiskey And Water Bar Trick

This is an awesome party trick that I cant wait to try this out on my friends. Does this really work?

7 years ago 3,654,178
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