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[Bed Bugs] Video Play Video

Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs on Newsfeed - So you just signed a lease to an apartment that looks like a refugee camp and now you’re worried about bed bugs. Well here are three facts that will help you avoid them and give you more time to focus on your techno fusion band...

4 years ago 30,873
[Jamie Chung in Hangover 2] Video Play Video

Jamie Chung in Hangover 2

Jamie Chung in Hangover 2 on Newsfeed - If you’re looking forward to the Hangover 2 as much as I am then I’ll give you a little something more to look forward to… Jamie Chung. She’s a reality star from The Real World: San Diego and recently played “...

4 years ago 17,220
[VMA RECAP] Video Play Video


He's got moves like Jagger, but he tweets like a gangster. Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine tweeted over the weekend that the MTV VMA's are quote "One day a year when MTV pretends to still care about music. I'm drawing a line in the sand. F You VMA's!"....

4 years ago 3,530
[Links Away: Fake English Win] Video Play Video

Links Away: Fake English Win

4 years ago
[Std Clinics] Video Play Video

Std Clinics

With our direct lab link technology we get your results as fast as you possibly can get access to them. once the machine know the results you can too! Dont wait weeks for results. Test Today, Start getting results tomorrow For More Information Visit...

2 years ago 10
[Why Get Tested For STDs] Video Play Video

Why Get Tested For STDs

Take control of your sexual health. If youre sexually active and have not had an STD test in the past 12 months you are overdue for annual STD screening. Call us at (866) 945-0378 for same day STD Testing. Welcome to the sexual health revolution. Ord...

6 years ago 1,006
[STD Myths You Should Know] Video Play Video

STD Myths You Should Know

Debunk the myths before you bunk. Misconceptions about sexually transmitted diseases are very common. Learn the facts and then get std tested. Call us at (866) 945-0378 to find out about your STD testing options.

6 years ago 42
[STD Testing Stories - Richards STD Test] Video Play Video

STD Testing Stories - Richards STD Test

Join Richard and the thousands of other people who have discovered the easiest way to get STD testing - Call us at (866) 945-0378. Same day std testing with treatment options. Welcome to the sexual health revolution.

6 years ago 980
[Blue Waffles Std] Video Play Video

Blue Waffles Std

Visit our site for more information on Blue Waffles Std.The Blue Waffles disease is sexually transmitted disease that affects women. When you might attempt to find the picture of blue waffle infection, we notify you to ...

1 year ago 52
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