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[People Of Walmart Song] Video Play Video

People Of Walmart Song

This is an ode to the People Of Walmart by Jessica Frech. It catalogs every known species of Walmart shopper. It's an anthropological marvel....

3 years ago 4,650,902
[The Assumption Song] Video Play Video

The Assumption Song

This song is about a year old or so but its starting to get popular again so we thought we would toss it back up. If you never heard it before its hilarious.

7 years ago 704,722
[The Halloween Costume Song] Video Play Video

The Halloween Costume Song

Halloween is a wonderful time of year when anyone can be a little skankier, even angels and train conductors. And we're OK with that.

4 years ago 623,705
[Song For The Perfect Girlfriend] Video Play Video

Song For The Perfect Girlfriend

This guy has written an eloquent tribute song to the perfect girlfriend. I dont know about you but Im sending this video to all my girlfriends right now.

6 years ago 565,375
[McDonalds Drive Thru Song] Video Play Video

McDonalds Drive Thru Song

We were bored, so we decided to sing our order at the drive thru at a local mcdonalds. if you dont like this, you dont have a soul.

7 years ago 796,504
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