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[Carol and Dave] Video Play Video

Carol and Dave

f14av8r via 360fly: Here's your house

11 months ago 330
[Dave Take 2] Video Play Video

Dave Take 2

gregostroff via 360fly: Dave Wells taking the 360fly for a spin on a SIC X-14 Pro

1 year ago 168
[People Of Walmart Song] Video Play Video

People Of Walmart Song

This is an ode to the People Of Walmart by Jessica Frech. It catalogs every known species of Walmart shopper. It's an anthropological marvel....

5 years ago 4,715,837
[Dave Chappelle New Episodes] Video Play Video

Dave Chappelle New Episodes

In case you missed the all new lost episode of Chappelle's show on Sunday night here's the opening skit. Its pretty weird in retrospect to see him talking about the whole $55 million smakers situation, but as always he's hilarious.

10 years ago 342,596


I'm Mike McAlister and this is Newsfeed. Hurricane Dave Mattews is gearing up for landfall in the south and east coast as part of a huge summer tour. Concertgoers caught in the hurricane's path are advised to stock up on emergency supplies - and tiss...

5 years ago 3,361
[Dave Matthews GPS] Video Play Video

Dave Matthews GPS

Introducing the new Dave Matthews GPS Navigational System.

7 years ago 3,536
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[The STD Song] Video Play Video

The STD Song

Oh man this is hilarious! I think i piss...

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This is the story of Dave, an Asian coll...

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Mexico Song

From Jan 28 2007 Show - Mexican Apprecia...