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[One Second Commercials] Video Play Video

One Second Commercials

If you blinked you probably missed it but this year to save money Miller High Life had a few one second Super Bowl Commercials.

8 years ago 534,530
[Most Inappropriate Commercial Ever] Video Play Video

Most Inappropriate Commercial Ever

You have to see this, its proof that other countries can get away with anything in regards to commercials.

10 years ago 1,575,995
[My New Favorite Commercial] Video Play Video

My New Favorite Commercial

Guarantee you couldn't get away with airing this commercial on TV in the US. This is actually some commercial that runs in Italy for tennis rackets I believe. I'm totally sold.

9 years ago 1,252,951
[How Often Do You Do It - Gillette Commercial] Video Play Video

How Often Do You Do It - Gillette Commercial

How often do you do it? Is it - daily twice a day weekly never? Too much? Not Enough? Find out how frequent women want you to do it.

6 years ago 529,214
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Internet STDs

This guy is chatting with a girl without...

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The STD Song

Oh man this is hilarious! I think i piss...