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[JESSICA SIMPSON] Video Play Video


Hi I'm Melissa Villasenor and you're watching Newsfeed. According to NBC, Jessica Simpson will be appearing as a celebrity guest on the March 13 episode of The Biggest Loser. Jessica Simpson says she wants to show the contestants that you don't have ...

4 years ago 31,221
[Bruce Lee Speed Painting] Video Play Video

Bruce Lee Speed Painting

This is pretty sweet, this guy creates a wall sized mural of Bruce Lee using only his hands and karate chop motions. The end result is awesome, I would be proud to have that on my wall.

9 years ago 966,451
[Jonathan Lee Flip Fail] Video Play Video

Jonathan Lee Flip Fail

A guy does a flip and fails the landing on the beach

1 month ago 13
[Satanic Homer Simpson] Video Play Video

Satanic Homer Simpson

A Homer Simpson Santa Claus runs out of battery and sounds like he is possessed

3 months ago 588
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