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[Amazing Dice Stacking Skills] Video Play Video

Amazing Dice Stacking Skills

Up until today I had no idea Dice Stacking was even a hobby let alone a sport to some people. Well after watching this video I was pretty impressed and astonished. This guy really does have some skill.

8 years ago 1,578,432
[Massive Shopping Cart Fail by Two Morons] Video Play Video

Massive Shopping Cart Fail by Two Morons

These two employees stupidly forget to secure the back of the truck, and all of the carts they stacked hilariously fall back out.

6 years ago 1,370,719
[Kid Falls From Hay Stack] Video Play Video

Kid Falls From Hay Stack

This kid takes a pretty bad fall from a hay stack. I must say, thank god it was hay otherwise would this kid be ok? Down by the bay.

8 years ago 606,741
[Girl Stacks Off Bed] Video Play Video

Girl Stacks Off Bed

Two girls dancing on a bed to the spice girls. The girl on the left is really into the song, so much so that she takes a nasty dive off the edge of the bed.

8 years ago 481,282
[Unbelievable Dice Stacking] Video Play Video

Unbelievable Dice Stacking

This kid is unbelievable! For someone that's too young to gamble, this awesome tween sure knows his way around a pair of dice. This unbelievable video shows how much dexterity and patience he has. Aided by some kind of beverage that seems to be cruci...

6 years ago 443,672
[Karate Block-Breaking Demonstration Fail] Video Play Video

Karate Block-Breaking Demonstration Fail

This karate demonstration fails miserably as this guy is unable to break a stack of cinder blocks. This is the point at which you're supposed to throw a smoke bomb and disappear.

4 years ago 880,223
[Really Fast At Stacking Cups] Video Play Video

Really Fast At Stacking Cups

I am not sure what to say about this video except 'oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh...'.

5 years ago 263,575
[Cup Stacking Trick] Video Play Video

Cup Stacking Trick

Alright, I can't figure out how the hell this guy pulls this off but it's a pretty cool trick.

3 years ago 142,448
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