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[News Anchor Falls Backward on St Patricks] Video Play Video

News Anchor Falls Backward on St Patricks

Someone had a little too much Bailey's and whiskey in her coffee that morning. Lot of news anchors falling down lately...

6 years ago 309,936
[St. Stupid's Day] Video Play Video

St. Stupid's Day

Is bringing a monkey to work stupid? Only if that monkey eventually threatens your job security.

7 years ago 124,845
[First Day At The Gym, January 1st] Video Play Video

First Day At The Gym, January 1st

This weeks Title This Video winner is Cameron-Mitchell-47 with that topical jab. Some of the runners up where shdavis wish "My neck, my back, my neck and my back". Christian-Funmaker-264 with "In Mother Russia, mat flips you." And airmaxx23 with "Bro...

11 months ago 84,735
[This Day In History April 21st] Video Play Video

This Day In History April 21st

This is a transcript of This Day In History April 21st on Newsfeed - Today is April 21st which is a big, big day in history! In 753 BC, Romulus and Remus founded ROME! You know the place in Italy that gave us things like the postal system, bikinis, p...

5 years ago 279
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