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[Kid Owned By Revolving Door] Video Play Video

Kid Owned By Revolving Door

Kid jumps into a revolving door after his buddy gets it turning at an extreme speed. No guts, no glory, no brains.

8 years ago 98,898
[Woman Driver Crashes Into Biker] Video Play Video

Woman Driver Crashes Into Biker

A female driver cuts off a biker speeding at 42mph and sends him flying into the pavement.

4 years ago 73,242
[Critical Nutshot On Rear Bike Wheel] Video Play Video

Critical Nutshot On Rear Bike Wheel

This dude hits a ramp at full speed, goes airborne off his bike, then comes down for a massive nutshot on the bike's rear wheel.

6 years ago 84,380
[Wrecked: The Plea] Video Play Video

Wrecked: The Plea

See what life is like in the crash lane, Thursdays at 10pm ET/7pm PT only on SPEED.

8 years ago 89,038
[World's First Flying Car] Video Play Video

World's First Flying Car

A flying car prototype has been built in Holland that can reach speeds up to 110mph. Was hoping for more of a hovercraft than a helicopter, but this will do for now.

4 years ago 61,731
[Faceplant into Train Tracks] Video Play Video

Faceplant into Train Tracks

This is why trains need to watch out for speeding people. ..Hopefully this person is having a better day today. This day; not so much.

3 years ago 45,432
[Skydiver Lands In Moving Car] Video Play Video

Skydiver Lands In Moving Car

Skydiver Katie Hansen precisely matches speed of car with decent to stick impossible landing.

3 years ago 46,259
[Wife Caught Cheating] Video Play Video

Wife Caught Cheating

A jealous crane operator catches his wife cheating on him and while they inside calling the cops the operator destroys the boyfriends car, boat and eventually his trailer.

8 years ago 12,245

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