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[RIP TURKEY] Video Play Video


A guy speeding down the freeway smashes his windshield when he suddenly hits a turkey that decided to fly across the road.

1 year ago 3,851
[Wingsuit Racing At 140MPH] Video Play Video

Wingsuit Racing At 140MPH

These guys reach speeds of 140mph in a wingsuit race that is a fight to the finish.

4 years ago 40,089
[Scramble With Friends] Video Play Video

Scramble With Friends

A lot of people were complaining about this dude cheating on Scramble With Friends so he made a video to prove he is legit. Crazy amount of speed.

4 years ago 41,179
[Large Truck Vs Pole] Video Play Video

Large Truck Vs Pole

These guys test out the strength of a steel pole by crashing a truck into it at a high speed. Check out the truck after the collision its completely destroyed.

10 years ago 644,173
[Russian Driver Asleep At The Wheel] Video Play Video

Russian Driver Asleep At The Wheel

This dude barely manages to steer out of the path of a speeding Russian driver asleep at the wheel.

4 years ago 35,109
[Street Luge 2: The Chafing] Video Play Video

Street Luge 2: The Chafing

How could flying down a road 2 inches off the ground at high speeds be a bad idea?

4 years ago 26,201
[Usain Bolt Vs. Gravity] Video Play Video

Usain Bolt Vs. Gravity

Do you think Usain Bolt is faster than the speed of gravity in a 10m race? This dude does the calculations and the result ends in a photo finish.

4 years ago 27,647
[PINKS All Out: The Shootout] Video Play Video

PINKS All Out: The Shootout

PINKS: Lose the race. Lose your ride. Watch PINKS on Thursdays 9pm ET/10pm PT only on SPEED.

8 years ago 52,282
[Most Awesome Longboarding Fails] Video Play Video

Most Awesome Longboarding Fails

Bumps, speed, and slopes make longboards a little hard to ride. It's usually easier just to fall off, which these people do very well.

3 years ago 21,330

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