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[Hungry Little Fish] Video Play Video

Hungry Little Fish

What are the odds of this one. Two guys are both fishing close to eachother on their boats. At just about the same time they both get a nibble on their line and as they reel it in they find they got the same fish. You would think a big hook in a f...

9 years ago 373,637
[Rally Car Clips Photographer] Video Play Video

Rally Car Clips Photographer

Rally car drivers have trouble avoiding accidents during nice weather. These photographers sit within inches of a snowy road and get clipped by a speeding rally car.

7 years ago 278,982
[Airbus Employees Work Really Fast] Video Play Video

Airbus Employees Work Really Fast

I thought this was a pretty cool video to watch. It shows in an ultra fast speed all the steps involved while building an Airbus A340.

8 years ago 282,889
[I Am Chris Farley: Official Trailer] Video Play Video

I Am Chris Farley: Official Trailer

Chris Farley lived his life full speed and committed to make everyone around him laugh out loud, and I AM CHRIS FARLEY will tell his hilarious, touching and wildly entertaining story for the first time ever.

10 months ago 24,042
[The Worlds Greatest Tetris Player] Video Play Video

The Worlds Greatest Tetris Player

I was impressed watching this entire video but near the end the blocks begin coming at an absolutely insane speed and finally they turn invisible. Just amazing to watch this guy solve it. He definetly earned the title of Master.

8 years ago 994,678
[Tanker Truck Drifting] Video Play Video

Tanker Truck Drifting

An insane truck driver with a tanker full of gas takes a left turn at full speed causing his semi to drift and nearly tip over.

6 years ago 222,605
[Cop Gets Hit While Directing Traffic] Video Play Video

Cop Gets Hit While Directing Traffic

Unlike Lauren Conrad, this cop has trouble stopping traffic. When a speeding car doesn't see him in front of a giant semi, he ends up their newest hood ornament.

6 years ago 202,825
[Deer Vs Glass Door] Video Play Video

Deer Vs Glass Door

If I ran into something this hard I would at least pause for a second and wonder 'WTF?' This deer is like a bumper car slamming full speed into a glass door and then running off.

7 years ago 204,185
[Skydiver Lands On Golf Cart] Video Play Video

Skydiver Lands On Golf Cart

This guy jumps out of a plane and attempts to land at a golf course. He picks up a little too much speed near the end of the jump and ends up slamming into a golf cart.

8 years ago 198,384

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