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[Flying Hydro Boat] Video Play Video

Flying Hydro Boat

Look in the sky, its a boat, no its a plane. No its super hydro plane! This thing is freakin sweet and I want one.

9 years ago 1,060,986
[High Speed Treadmill Disaster] Video Play Video

High Speed Treadmill Disaster

This is what happens when a division 1 athlete turns an old treadmill up to level 10.

8 years ago 740,668
[World Record Speed Guitar] Video Play Video

World Record Speed Guitar

Recently this guy set the world record for speed guitar. He's got some seriously awesome skills.

8 years ago 703,744
[High Speed Motorcycle Wipe Out] Video Play Video

High Speed Motorcycle Wipe Out

The rider pulled into first place when moving around a couple corners. When he hit the straight away he hit it too hard causing him to pop a wheelie and wipe out.

10 years ago 693,650
[Row Row Your Boat] Video Play Video

Row Row Your Boat

This boat loses its engine so they put a backhoe on the boat and use it to paddle its way down the river.

9 years ago 792,695
[Chick Falls Off Boat] Video Play Video

Chick Falls Off Boat

This chick is trying to look hot for the camera but loses her balance and falls off the top of the boat.

7 years ago 707,050
[Aaron Paul Needs Speed In This 'Need For Speed' Trailer] Video Play Video

Aaron Paul Needs Speed In This 'Need For Speed' Trailer

The east meth joke has already been done by about 50 outlets in ten minutes :( Dreamworks wanted a Fast and the Furious, so they got one, complete with Mr. Pinkman himself. The premise, which I'm sure doesn't weigh heavily on the action, inv...

2 years ago

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