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[Jack Goes Boating] Video Play Video

Jack Goes Boating

Watch the Jack Goes Boating trailer. A limo driver's blind date sparks a tale of love, betrayal, friendship, and grace centered around two working-class New York City couples. Watch the Jack Goes Boating Clip in 480p or 720p streaming online. Break...

4 years ago 3,579
[Chick Falls Off Boat] Video Play Video

Chick Falls Off Boat

This chick is trying to look hot for the camera but loses her balance and falls off the top of the boat.

5 years ago 689,882
[Big Chick Snaps Seat] Video Play Video

Big Chick Snaps Seat

This is why the whale stays in the water, not in the boat.

6 years ago 1,164,797
[Car Explosion With High Speed Film] Video Play Video

Car Explosion With High Speed Film

This is pretty friggin cool. These guys blow up a car and tape it using hi-speed film.

7 years ago 862,556
[Ultra Low High Speed Flyby] Video Play Video

Ultra Low High Speed Flyby

Maverick can't touch this guy. The pilot flies at just under Mach speed 12 feet off the ground directly above his buddies head.

5 years ago 804,580
[Tug Boat Tips Over] Video Play Video

Tug Boat Tips Over

Tug boat is towing a much larger ship sideways which turns out to be a not so good maneuver.

6 years ago 473,407

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