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[Insane Acceleration On Speed Boat] Video Play Video

Insane Acceleration On Speed Boat

If you think your impressed by the speed of this boat you should have seen the dude holding the rope waiting to ski behind it.

7 years ago 418,266
[I Was On A Boat] Video Play Video

I Was On A Boat

These guys take a corner at a high speed and hit an unlucky wave sending them both immediately overboard.

7 years ago 221,389
[Navy Boats Collide At Full Speed] Video Play Video

Navy Boats Collide At Full Speed

This wild Navy frigate dodges the first boat by a hair but cant dodge the second one and collides into the hull at full speed. The second view is from the angle from the wild frigate colliding into the second boat

9 years ago 1,021,165
[Showoff Crashes New Speed Boat] Video Play Video

Showoff Crashes New Speed Boat

This dude is showing off his new boat and ends up hitting a wave so hard it tosses him into the lake and as he sits in the water he watches his new boat crash into rocks.

8 years ago 258,812
[Orcas Chase Speed Boat] Video Play Video

Orcas Chase Speed Boat

Willy just wants to know what you thought of his films.

3 years ago 135,820
[Jet Boat Racing Crashes] Video Play Video

Jet Boat Racing Crashes

These Jet Boat racers are about as safety concious while competing as rally car drivers.

8 years ago 188,691
[Boat Capsizes During Race Practice] Video Play Video

Boat Capsizes During Race Practice

Anyone who’s seen Waterworld knows this could have been prevented by someone hanging off the hull to drag it down.

3 years ago 96,707
[There’s Boats, Motorboats And Then This Boat] Video Play Video

There’s Boats, Motorboats And Then This Boat

Seems like if you run into a rock or a fallen log or something on the river you pretty much just have a few seconds to make amends with God for any mistakes you’ve made, then you’re done.

1 year ago 84,279
[Go Speed Racer Go] Video Play Video

Go Speed Racer Go

Awesome footage of a very very fast race car from an on-board camera. Videos like this make me want to be a race car driver all over again.

10 years ago 780,979
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