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[Showoff Crashes New Speed Boat] Video Play Video

Showoff Crashes New Speed Boat

This dude is showing off his new boat and ends up hitting a wave so hard it tosses him into the lake and as he sits in the water he watches his new boat crash into rocks.

6 years ago 255,007
[Mom Falls Off Side Of Speeding Boat] Video Play Video

Mom Falls Off Side Of Speeding Boat

This mother tries to pee off the side of a speeding boat but leans back to far and crashes into the lake.

5 years ago 236,677
[High Speed Crash On Highway] Video Play Video

High Speed Crash On Highway

Check out this hi-speed accident caught from a traffic camera. Some dude tries to switch lanes and a car crushes him into the median at about 80 MPH.

8 years ago 1,411,535
[Navy Boats Collide At Full Speed] Video Play Video

Navy Boats Collide At Full Speed

This wild Navy frigate dodges the first boat by a hair but cant dodge the second one and collides into the hull at full speed. The second view is from the angle from the wild frigate colliding into the second boat

7 years ago 1,018,694
[Insane Acceleration On Speed Boat] Video Play Video

Insane Acceleration On Speed Boat

If you think your impressed by the speed of this boat you should have seen the dude holding the rope waiting to ski behind it.

5 years ago 411,821
[Orcas Chase Speed Boat] Video Play Video

Orcas Chase Speed Boat

Willy just wants to know what you thought of his films.

1 year ago 131,928
[Jet Boat Racing Crashes] Video Play Video

Jet Boat Racing Crashes

These Jet Boat racers are about as safety concious while competing as rally car drivers.

6 years ago 186,281
[Bass Boat Crash Causes Knockout] Video Play Video

Bass Boat Crash Causes Knockout

Even though he survived, he'll never forget the day the bass stopped singing and fought back. Damn you, Big Mouth Billy Bass!

5 years ago 167,137
[Car Crashes In Hi-Speed Chase] Video Play Video

Car Crashes In Hi-Speed Chase

A car is attempting to get away from the cops in excess of 100mph when he loses control and goes flipping off the road sending himself sailing in the air.

7 years ago 998,595
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[Boat Crash] Video Play Video

Boat Crash

As colliding with a huge boat in a sunny...