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[Insane Homemade Rocket Launch] Video Play Video

Insane Homemade Rocket Launch

These guys build and launch a rocket that reaches an altitude of 121,000 feet and a top speed above Mach 3, literally faster than a bullet.

4 years ago 75,805
[Super Slow-Mo Skateboarding Fails] Video Play Video

Super Slow-Mo Skateboarding Fails

This collection of skateboarding fails was recorded with a high speed camera, allowing the video to be slowed down so that you can see the very moment the skater wonders whether he crapped his pants from the impact.

4 years ago 75,047
[Mechanics on the Mechanics of Fast & Furious] Video Play Video

Mechanics on the Mechanics of Fast & Furious

With Fast & Furious 6 speeding into theaters, we thought we'd find some actual mechanics to break down the mechanics of "The Fast and the Furious" franchise. What we found... was pretty expected.

2 years ago 6,314
[Best & Worst Video Game Movies] Video Play Video

Best & Worst Video Game Movies

Need for Speed is just the latest video game to be turned into a movie. We assembled a panel to single out the rare successful video game movies and figure out why most of them are just plain terrible.

2 years ago 1,659
[Big Blue Ball] Video Play Video

Big Blue Ball

This guy gets totally owned by a big blue ball. It looks like this started out as a setup but I dont think anyone expected it to hurt that much! Mike, that speeding ticket is on us you are $400 richer.

4 years ago 5,957
[American Ninja Warrior] Video Play Video

American Ninja Warrior

Japan’s ultimate test of speed and strength is finally coming to America. American Ninja Warrior. Tomorrow night at 6pm ET, only on G4.

6 years ago 23,329
[Epic Deer Rescue Video] Video Play Video

Epic Deer Rescue Video

A deer is spotted in the middle of a lake and subsequently rescued by boaters.

10 months ago 877
[Hit and Unable to Run Again - Most Daring] Video Play Video

Hit and Unable to Run Again - Most Daring

from truTVs Most Daring - Wednesdays at 9PMA woman crossing a street is plowed down by a speeding car. from

6 years ago 5,533
[Car Struck - Most Daring] Video Play Video

Car Struck - Most Daring

A young man is violently tossed like a rag doll after being hit by a speeding car. From truTVs Most Daring - Wednesdays at 8pm

6 years ago 6,152
[How To Defrag Your Computers Hard Drive] Video Play Video

How To Defrag Your Computers Hard Drive

Is your Windows XP computer running more slowly than it once did? You may need to defragment your hard drive to gain an increase in speed. This video will show you how to defragment the hard drive on your Windows XP computer.

6 years ago 231

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