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[Even The Wind In Russia Is Bad Ass] Video Play Video

Even The Wind In Russia Is Bad Ass

Obviously during a tornado you’re going to get some crazy wind speeds, but the highest gust ever recorded not during a tornado was in Australia after the passing of a tropical cyclone A weather station measured a gust of 253 mph, which probably knoc...

2 months ago 33,823
[Bill Murray Baseball Delay] Video Play Video

Bill Murray Baseball Delay

Fans of the Charleston RiverDogs, the Class-A affiliate of the New York Yankees, recently got a taste of the "Murricane." The baseball crowd was treated to some private entertainment from the legendary Bill Murray during a rain delay at a recent gam...

3 years ago 373,067
[We Could Be Visiting Distant Planets Sooner Than You Think] Video Play Video

We Could Be Visiting Distant Planets Sooner Than You Think

Photonic propulsion could get us to Mars in mere days. How does that work? Earth based lasers push you on your way with photons and accelerate you to 30% the speed of light, which is about 200 million miles per hour. Which is, you know, fast.

3 months ago 25,591
[First Person View Of Skier Getting Swept Up In An Avalanche] Video Play Video

First Person View Of Skier Getting Swept Up In An Avalanche

This guy is exceedingly lucky since an avalanche typically gains in size and speed by pulling in more snow as it moves. This one ended quickly but had it grown, his chances of staying above would have been greatly lessened. Not to mention that when...

3 months ago 41,848
[Wakeskate Wipe Out] Video Play Video

Wakeskate Wipe Out

I hear wakeskating is the hardest of the wake water sports. What are the odds that this guy Kodi will be able clear the entire water trampoline after getting towed full speed? Gutsy move, better luck next time!

9 years ago 459,683
[Painting Numa Guy With Chocolate Syrup] Video Play Video

Painting Numa Guy With Chocolate Syrup

This is a pretty cool video of someone speed painting the Numa Numa guy Gary Brolsma using chocolate syrup and a spoon. Look out Mona Lisa, we have a new most treasured piece of art in the world.

9 years ago 455,528
[WOOLY MAMMOTH] Video Play Video


Hi I'm Mike McAlister and this is Newsfeed. A video has surfaced purportedly showing a live wooly mammoth crossing a river. Let's take a look. Good grief! - whoever made this is terrible at compositing graphics. Some people say the creature is just...

4 years ago 2,244
[Cop Kicks Guy in the Head] Video Play Video

Cop Kicks Guy in the Head

A Los Angeles high-speed car chase ends after the suspect fled his vehicle and got cornered. Goodbye, Long Arm of the Law, and hello Steel-Toed Boot.

7 years ago 274,788

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