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[Another Tubing Take Off] Video Play Video

Another Tubing Take Off

It's a summer holiday weekend so for anyone going to the lake maybe you'll catch this much air. That looks like so much fun, but probably hurts a lot when you smack down.

9 years ago 425,198
[31 Wheel Roller Suit] Video Play Video

31 Wheel Roller Suit

A French guy named Jean-Yves Blondeau has created a plastic suit equipped with 31 wheels which allows him to roll down streets at speeds up to 60 miles per hour while switching positions at any time. This is pretty awesome, it's like break dancing, p...

9 years ago 1,165,752
[WOOLY MAMMOTH] Video Play Video


Hi I'm Mike McAlister and this is Newsfeed. A video has surfaced purportedly showing a live wooly mammoth crossing a river. Let's take a look. Good grief! - whoever made this is terrible at compositing graphics. Some people say the creature is just...

4 years ago 2,244
[Cop Kicks Guy in the Head] Video Play Video

Cop Kicks Guy in the Head

A Los Angeles high-speed car chase ends after the suspect fled his vehicle and got cornered. Goodbye, Long Arm of the Law, and hello Steel-Toed Boot.

6 years ago 274,782
[Train Station Pass In Slow-Mo] Video Play Video

Train Station Pass In Slow-Mo

When you pass a train station at high speed and show that pass in slow-mo, it looks like everyone is just standing there. They managed to perfectly capture the feeling of that moment when you arrive at the train station just as it's pulling away.

5 years ago 191,815
[Amazing Low Flying F/A-18 Hornet] Video Play Video

Amazing Low Flying F/A-18 Hornet

An F/A-18 Hornet cruises through the canyons of Northern California ridiculously close to the ground and at speeds so high he is forced to make many turns inverted to avoid pulling Gs to deadly to withstand.

3 years ago 109,962
[Another Rope Swing Fail] Video Play Video

Another Rope Swing Fail

Rope swings are all fun and games until you slam into a metal rod on the boat. The rope swing fail is one of our most time-honored summer traditions. Children experience the rope swing fail. Adults experience the rope swing fail. Summer springs etern...

6 years ago 266,641
[Police Chase Truck Onto Golf Course] Video Play Video

Police Chase Truck Onto Golf Course

Looks like they were nice and let these guys play through. The Lowdown: A man from Bismarck, North Dakota was arrested Tuesday night after a high-speed police chase that circled through a Fargo golf course and ended at a shopping center.

1 year ago 69,082

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