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[Two Women In Kayaks Vs.Humpback Whale] Video Play Video

Two Women In Kayaks Vs.Humpback Whale

A mother and daughter kayaking off the coast of California get a surprise from a 30-ton humpback whale than surfaces within a few feet of their boats.

4 years ago 95,020
[Whale Watchers Get Surprised With A Newborn] Video Play Video

Whale Watchers Get Surprised With A Newborn

Another fine example of just how lazy human babies are. You ever seen a newborn baby pace a boat full of tourists? Never going to happen. Our children are soft. The whales are going to win if we keep this up.

1 year ago 15,867
[Welcome to Megan Fox Island] Video Play Video

Welcome to Megan Fox Island

A school in Brazil is hoping this encourages people to sign up for English classes. If you ask me, it encourages people who are fluent in English to go crash their boats onto islands.

5 years ago 72,743
[Iceberg Tsunami Slams Tourists] Video Play Video

Iceberg Tsunami Slams Tourists

A massive chunk of ice breaks of a Greenland iceberg causing a tsunami that nearly capsizes an Australian's boat. Damn nature, you scary!

4 years ago 66,596
[Ice sailing] Video Play Video

Ice sailing

AndyPeacock via 360fly: Take a ride on an ice boat on a frozen lake Arthur at Moraine St. Park in Pennsylvania.

1 year ago 249
[Dog Runs Into Mailbox] Video Play Video

Dog Runs Into Mailbox

I thought this was pretty funny. Some dog sees a car passing by and ends up running full speed and head first into a brick mailbox.

9 years ago 560,926
[Rowing Across The Atlantic Ocean] Video Play Video

Rowing Across The Atlantic Ocean

On June 14th 2007, Bhavik Gandhi completed a 106 day journey across the Atlantic Ocean from Spain to Antigua in a row boat.

5 years ago 22,881
[Are We Having Fun Yet?] Video Play Video

Are We Having Fun Yet?

This is security footage of a dining room of a cruise boat as it hits rough seas. The video starts of a bit slow but by the end the dining room is completely destroyed.

8 years ago 794,212
[Wife Caught Cheating] Video Play Video

Wife Caught Cheating

A jealous crane operator catches his wife cheating on him and while they inside calling the cops the operator destroys the boyfriends car, boat and eventually his trailer.

8 years ago 12,283

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