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['A Deadly Adoption' Teaser: This May Be The Deadliest Adoption Ever] Video Play Video

'A Deadly Adoption' Teaser: This May Be The Deadliest Adoption Ever

This is the first time in my life where I will intentionally watch Lifetime. While this teaser for Lifetime's A Deadly Adoption doesn't indicate what events lead to a blood-drenched Will Ferrell marching down the middle of the road toward a ...

3 months ago
[People Get Hit By a Car] Video Play Video

People Get Hit By a Car

People get hit by a car everyday, this time it’s caught on tape. This guy attempts to cross a street and gets tossed in the air by a speeding car. Amazing that the pedestrians and passing cars hardly seem to notice. Fortunately, the man lived however...

7 years ago 344,291
[The Alpine Coaster] Video Play Video

The Alpine Coaster

Never had any desire to visit Austria until now. Check out the insane amount of speed this guy picks up in the Alpine Coaster when he chooses not to use the mandatory hand brake. ...

3 years ago 318,094
[6 Superman Movies Ranked] Video Play Video

6 Superman Movies Ranked

Look up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s our ranking of all 6 of Superman’s cinematic adventures! Superman is arguably the most recognizable superhero in the world and is a cultural icon, so today we’re celebrating the man of steel...

5 months ago 22
[World's Toughest Toddler] Video Play Video

World's Toughest Toddler

Break would absolutely never post a video where a child is injured. Somehow in this clip a small child is hit by a speeding car then quickly stands up walks away and candy from his parents quickly remove any tears. Whether it was amazing resilience...

6 years ago 176,312
[German Mascot Piggyback Fail] Video Play Video

German Mascot Piggyback Fail

On Thursday, 'Berlino,' the German mascot of the World Track & Field Championships, gave 400-meters champ Melani Walker a piggy back ride and dropped her after slamming into a barrier at full speed. You'd think if you're carrying a hurdles champ, you...

6 years ago 176,226
[7 Things That Need To Happen In The Flash Movie] Video Play Video

7 Things That Need To Happen In The Flash Movie

The Scarlet Speedster may be the fastest man alive, but he’ll be taking his sweet time bringing the speed force to the silver screen with his solo outing not set until2018, but to hold us all over until then, today we’re sharing our list of seven thi...

7 months ago 26
[Car Gives The Ultimate Wedgie] Video Play Video

Car Gives The Ultimate Wedgie

This is the kind of wedgie Wile E. Coyote would create. This may be the first time a speeding car has left skidmarks in a pair of Hanes. ...

4 years ago 145,925
[Felix Baumgartner: A Supersonic Freefall] Video Play Video

Felix Baumgartner: A Supersonic Freefall

It’s the world record breaking skydive and it was flawless. Also, good thing he had a helmet on. Imagine hitting a june bug in the face at that speed.

More info about this video: Felix Bau...

2 years ago 46,815

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