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[Painful Leap of Faith Over River] Video Play Video

Painful Leap of Faith Over River

A chubby kid nicknamed 'Bigfoot' jumps over a river. Does this count as a failed parkour attempt if it is out in nature, or should we just file this one under complete stupidity?

7 years ago 746,258
[Flooded River Destroys Road In Minutes] Video Play Video

Flooded River Destroys Road In Minutes

What started as a steady flow of water from a flooded river took out an entire road in just 4 minutes and created a 25 foot gap in the road in less than half an hour.

7 years ago 1,429,166
[Snowmobiler Cruises Across River] Video Play Video

Snowmobiler Cruises Across River

Some dude tries to ride his snowmobile across a river and although he does successfully he quickly learns its still not powerful enough to drive through trees.

9 years ago 639,555
[Cry Me A River] Video Play Video

Cry Me A River

This guy plays hockey for a living. Hes complaining that after his long days of playing HOCKEY FOR A LIVING he goes home to a girlfriend that only wants to make love.

10 years ago 617,363
[Rally Car Rolls Into River] Video Play Video

Rally Car Rolls Into River

The backseat camera in this rally car catches everything from the crash, still rolling even as the car fills up with water.

8 years ago 514,909

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