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[I'm Not On A Boat] Video Play Video

I'm Not On A Boat

This dude takes his girlfriend to the Venetian in Las Vegas for a romantic gondola ride but steps in then flips over the edge of the boat.

5 years ago 219,940
[Need For Speed Rivals] Video Play Video

Need For Speed Rivals

Need For Speed Rivals, video game, racing, driving

1 year ago 1,066
[Attack Speed] Video Play Video

Attack Speed

Attack Speed

2 years ago 15,199
[Bruce Lee Speed Painting] Video Play Video

Bruce Lee Speed Painting

This is pretty sweet, this guy creates a wall sized mural of Bruce Lee using only his hands and karate chop motions. The end result is awesome, I would be proud to have that on my wall.

8 years ago 964,471
[Lazy River Pissing Prank] Video Play Video

Lazy River Pissing Prank

A Classic. This guy pisses on over a half a dozen people before he gets chased down!

6 years ago 276,902

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