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[Go Speed Racer Go] Video Play Video

Go Speed Racer Go

Awesome footage of a very very fast race car from an on-board camera. Videos like this make me want to be a race car driver all over again.

9 years ago 780,533
[Push Cops In The River] Video Play Video

Push Cops In The River

At a music festival in England this drunk guy gets dared to push the cops in the river. This takes some serious balls and some very fast legs to run away!

9 years ago 875,925
[Painful Leap of Faith Over River] Video Play Video

Painful Leap of Faith Over River

A chubby kid nicknamed 'Bigfoot' jumps over a river. Does this count as a failed parkour attempt if it is out in nature, or should we just file this one under complete stupidity?

7 years ago 744,320
[Flooded River Destroys Road In Minutes] Video Play Video

Flooded River Destroys Road In Minutes

What started as a steady flow of water from a flooded river took out an entire road in just 4 minutes and created a 25 foot gap in the road in less than half an hour.

6 years ago 1,428,910
[River Crossing ATV Accident] Video Play Video

River Crossing ATV Accident

A girl drives an ATV across a river and jumps off of it. She tries to pull it but ends up falling over and ATV follows down the waterfall

2 months ago 1,650
[Snowmobiler Cruises Across River] Video Play Video

Snowmobiler Cruises Across River

Some dude tries to ride his snowmobile across a river and although he does successfully he quickly learns its still not powerful enough to drive through trees.

9 years ago 639,522
[Cry Me A River] Video Play Video

Cry Me A River

This guy plays hockey for a living. Hes complaining that after his long days of playing HOCKEY FOR A LIVING he goes home to a girlfriend that only wants to make love.

9 years ago 617,330
[Can This Flying Nimbus Reach Speeds Over 9000?] Video Play Video

Can This Flying Nimbus Reach Speeds Over 9000?

Once you get one of these, use it to track down the guy who made the flying carpet from Aladdin then have the most cartoony street fight of all time.

6 days ago 755
[High Speed Crash On Highway] Video Play Video

High Speed Crash On Highway

Check out this hi-speed accident caught from a traffic camera. Some dude tries to switch lanes and a car crushes him into the median at about 80 MPH.

9 years ago 1,414,534

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