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[Row Row Your Boat] Video Play Video

Row Row Your Boat

This boat loses its engine so they put a backhoe on the boat and use it to paddle its way down the river.

9 years ago 792,816
[Dune Buggy Jumps River] Video Play Video

Dune Buggy Jumps River

This is a pretty cool video. This guy races his little dune buggy full speed and jumps a river.

10 years ago 160,097
[Boat And Dock Goes Over A Dam] Video Play Video

Boat And Dock Goes Over A Dam

A boat and dock are floating down the river and ends up going over the dam

4 months ago 462
[Boat Slams Into Bridge] Video Play Video

Boat Slams Into Bridge

A boat loses an engine and is dragged down the river into a large bridge completely destroying itself.

9 years ago 286,058

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