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[Attack Speed] Video Play Video

Attack Speed

Attack Speed

4 years ago 15,242
[Need For Speed Rivals] Video Play Video

Need For Speed Rivals

Need For Speed Rivals, video game, racing, driving

3 years ago 1,110
[Beating Speed Monitoring Cameras] Video Play Video

Beating Speed Monitoring Cameras

This video proves those speed monitoring cameras can in fact be beat. Its ironic that the only way to beat them is to exploit the very thing they are trying to prevent.

10 years ago 1,142,695
[Dash Cam Rear End Accident] Video Play Video

Dash Cam Rear End Accident

A rear dash cam captures a car smashing into the rear of this car. The airbags come out and the front bumper of the other car is completely destroyed. They pull over and the girl gets out of the car looking very disappointed

1 day ago 47
[Cop Faceplants Stepping Off Boat] Video Play Video

Cop Faceplants Stepping Off Boat

Notice the twenty-something guys trying very hard not to laugh at this policeman as he trips over a railing and falls hard onto the dock.

8 years ago 1,607,192
[Accident At NKVE] Video Play Video

Accident At NKVE

A motorcycle rider witnesses another motorcycle rider crashing and falling over in the middle of a freeway. He pulls over and gets over there as quickly as possible to help the guy

15 days ago 178
[Bruce Lee Speed Painting] Video Play Video

Bruce Lee Speed Painting

This is pretty sweet, this guy creates a wall sized mural of Bruce Lee using only his hands and karate chop motions. The end result is awesome, I would be proud to have that on my wall.

10 years ago 966,581
[Worst Rope Swing Accident Ever] Video Play Video

Worst Rope Swing Accident Ever

An inexperienced girl jumps on a rope swing at her family reunion and painfully misses the river entirely.

8 years ago 2,143,647

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