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[Roller Coaster Accident] Video Play Video

Roller Coaster Accident

This is a clip of a two-seater roller coaster crashing into the roller coaster in front of it at a fast speed.

10 years ago 1,276,175
[High Speed Roll Over] Video Play Video

High Speed Roll Over

A Prius is speeding down the highway and slowly starts turning. The Prius ends up on the side of the dirt rolling across it

3 months ago 203
[Insane Acceleration On Boat] Video Play Video

Insane Acceleration On Boat

If you think your impressed by the speed of this boat you should have seen the dude holding the rope waiting to ski behind it.

7 years ago 5,912
[I Was On A Boat] Video Play Video

I Was On A Boat

These guys take a corner at a high speed and hit an unlucky wave sending them both immediately overboard.

7 years ago 221,388
[Para-sailing Accident] Video Play Video

Para-sailing Accident

This couple is on vacation in Turks & Caicos and get pulled down too hard crashing into the side of the boat.

8 years ago 281,963
[Hilariously Bad Parasailing Accident] Video Play Video

Hilariously Bad Parasailing Accident

A fat lady doesn't run fast enough when the boat starts, and she slams her face into the ground before being lifted up into the air.

8 years ago 407,061
[Car Accident Cam] Video Play Video

Car Accident Cam

Car disregards stop sign at 4-way intersection and t-bones the car turning left. The security camera captures the accident and the aftermath - including the police arriving to the scene.

1 month ago 417
[Wild Ending To A High Speed Chase] Video Play Video

Wild Ending To A High Speed Chase

A truck goes past the police block and drives into a ditch. The truck hits the end of the ditch and flies 50 feet into the air and lands down on the other side

14 days ago 133

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