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[Runaway Truck Takes Out City Block] Video Play Video

Runaway Truck Takes Out City Block

A truck loses its brakes and crashes down a city block out of control. The footage was captured by multiple traffic cameras and incredibly nobody was hurt in this accident.

9 years ago 509,617
[Dog Runs Into Mailbox] Video Play Video

Dog Runs Into Mailbox

I thought this was pretty funny. Some dog sees a car passing by and ends up running full speed and head first into a brick mailbox.

9 years ago 560,926
[2 Mako Sharks Jumping] Video Play Video

2 Mako Sharks Jumping

A couple of people are fishing and sees 2 mako sharks jumping out of the water in the distance

24 days ago 140
[Car Spins Into Oncoming Car] Video Play Video

Car Spins Into Oncoming Car

A car tries to stop and spins while another car tries to get out of the way and the two cars collide into each other

24 days ago 168
[Biker Crashes Into Bleachers] Video Play Video

Biker Crashes Into Bleachers

A motorbike racer goes down a hill and doesn't stop enough and crashes into the bleachers

24 days ago 54
[Uhaul Crash] Video Play Video

Uhaul Crash

A Uhaul starts veering off the road and crashes into a tree

24 days ago 137
[Uhaul Crash (Rear Camera)] Video Play Video

Uhaul Crash (Rear Camera)

A Uhaul crashes into a tree caught on the rear camera of a car

24 days ago 183
[Motorcycle Crash] Video Play Video

Motorcycle Crash

A motorcycle passes by a car quickly and doesn't slow down at the turn. He goes over the dirt patch and goes flying to the other side and crashes

24 days ago 96

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