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[Accidental Kick Knocks Chick Out] Video Play Video

Accidental Kick Knocks Chick Out

Two guys are wrestling when one gets tossed in the air accidentally taking out his girlfriend with a kick to the head.

6 years ago 391,156
[Accidental Paintball Nut Shot] Video Play Video

Accidental Paintball Nut Shot

This kid is inspecting his paintball gun that just broke during a recent match and it suddenly goes off shooting him point blank in the nuts.

6 years ago 375,140
[Kid Accidentally Nails Little Brother] Video Play Video

Kid Accidentally Nails Little Brother

This big brother teaches his little bro a valuable lesson: when someone jumps out of the way, you jump too.

6 years ago 295,026
[Dude Accidentally Washes His Hands In Pee] Video Play Video

Dude Accidentally Washes His Hands In Pee

And now it's all making sense to him. Yes, he just peed in the sink, and, yes, he just took a dump in a trashcan. I bet he was pretty pissed off once the realization of what he ju...

5 years ago 237,653
[Girl Accidentally Splashed In The Face] Video Play Video

Girl Accidentally Splashed In The Face

A girl accidentally gets splashed in the face at a concert. That must've been really painful. I mean, drinks are really expensive at these shows.

4 years ago 228,968

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