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[When The Bicycle Stops But You Don’t] Video Play Video

When The Bicycle Stops But You Don’t

In 2013 there were 494,000 trips to the emergency room thanks to bicycle accidents, and 900 deaths. So maybe reconsider wearing a helmet next time, just to keep your brains off the sidewalk. It’s probably worth it.

4 months ago 39,029
[Crazy Rally Car Corner Crash] Video Play Video

Crazy Rally Car Corner Crash

This auto accident occurred during a race in Spain, a car slides out of control during a curve and crashes into a mother and her daughter, flipping them into the air...

6 years ago 273,610
[Embarrassing Wedding Dance Fail] Video Play Video

Embarrassing Wedding Dance Fail

There is no accident in which this dude's dance could've ended that would've been more embarrassing than the dance itself. Bridesmaids' numbers gotten: 0

5 years ago 207,063
[Skier Crashes Backwards Down Mountaintop] Video Play Video

Skier Crashes Backwards Down Mountaintop

This dude's helmet cam caught the whole disaster, so every time his brain tries to create a mental block of the accident, he's got this video to remind him of the time he fell down a mountain.

5 years ago 226,774
[Shocking Video Of Drunk Man Getting Head Run Over By A Car] Video Play Video

Shocking Video Of Drunk Man Getting Head Run Over By A Car

That dude smoking a cigarette must be the most calm man in the world. Jarek Sawickio survived the accident suffering only minor bruises, but spent the night at the hospital for observation.

2 years ago 146,693
[Road Side Bomb Explodes In Front of SUV] Video Play Video

Road Side Bomb Explodes In Front of SUV

Good thing this dude wasnt speeding. A roadside bomb blows up just a couple hundred yards in front of him. You can hear the shrapnel peg the SUV as they back up.

9 years ago 661,938
[Truck Full Of Fireworks] Video Play Video

Truck Full Of Fireworks

During a 4th of July celebration the truck holding the fireworks caught on fire. I love the dude in the background that questions whether this was an accident or part of the show.

9 years ago 186,450
[Rally Car Wipes Out] Video Play Video

Rally Car Wipes Out

Its been awhile since we had a decent rally car accident sent in. The driver in this clip starts to spin out when he nails a barrier causing his car to spin violently out of control.

9 years ago 159,077

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