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[Big Blue Ball] Video Play Video

Big Blue Ball

This guy gets totally owned by a big blue ball. It looks like this started out as a setup but I dont think anyone expected it to hurt that much! Mike, that speeding ticket is on us you are $400 richer.

4 years ago 5,957
[American Ninja Warrior] Video Play Video

American Ninja Warrior

Japan’s ultimate test of speed and strength is finally coming to America. American Ninja Warrior. Tomorrow night at 6pm ET, only on G4.

6 years ago 23,338
[Car Struck - Most Daring] Video Play Video

Car Struck - Most Daring

A young man is violently tossed like a rag doll after being hit by a speeding car. From truTVs Most Daring - Wednesdays at 8pm

6 years ago 6,152
[Hit and Unable to Run Again - Most Daring] Video Play Video

Hit and Unable to Run Again - Most Daring

from truTVs Most Daring - Wednesdays at 9PMA woman crossing a street is plowed down by a speeding car. from

6 years ago 5,534
[How To Defrag Your Computers Hard Drive] Video Play Video

How To Defrag Your Computers Hard Drive

Is your Windows XP computer running more slowly than it once did? You may need to defragment your hard drive to gain an increase in speed. This video will show you how to defragment the hard drive on your Windows XP computer.

6 years ago 231
[Small Boy Captures Helicopter Crash] Video Play Video

Small Boy Captures Helicopter Crash

A kid captures a husband and wife crashing their personal helicopter in Tacoma, Washington over the weekend. Fortunately, both survived the accident with only minor injuries.

7 years ago 384,190
[Hot Import Nights] Video Play Video

Hot Import Nights

Don’t miss the nation’s steamiest customized show cars. Hot Import Nights premieres Tuesday, Nov. 4th at 10:30PM ET on SPEED.

7 years ago 6,069
[Kid Takes Slap Shot to the Head] Video Play Video

Kid Takes Slap Shot to the Head

A close miss turns into a hilarious accident as a slap shot goes off the top post and nails this smart guy walking behind the net right in the temple.

7 years ago 381,391
[Need To Cross A Road In India? Follow This Dog] Video Play Video

Need To Cross A Road In India? Follow This Dog

You have to wonder how most humans get across the road, let alone dogs. India literally has the worst traffic in the world, with 135,000 deaths per year due to collisions. The rate of accidents in New Delhi is 40 times higher than in London, Englan...

6 months ago 21,257

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