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[Sonic Acapella] Video Play Video

Sonic Acapella

Can you imagine how long this probably took to get right?

3 years ago 12,149
[Trololo Sonic] Video Play Video

Trololo Sonic

Trololo guy singing the Sonic theme...the internet doesn't get much better than this.

4 years ago 5,370
[Sonic Boom From Explosion] Video Play Video

Sonic Boom From Explosion

The US military detonates some explosives in Iraq. The first explosion is not too impressive but the second one sends a powerful sonic boom as over 400 tons of explosives ignite at once.

9 years ago 640,056
[Fan Made Sonic Game Looks Better Than Sonic 4] Video Play Video

Fan Made Sonic Game Looks Better Than Sonic 4

The fact these fans made a better version of Sonic is pretty ridiculous, and might bring to light some reasons why the last couple Sonic games have really sucked.

6 years ago 4,978
[Sonic Boom Directly Overhead] Video Play Video

Sonic Boom Directly Overhead

This guy captures an F14 breaking the sound barrier at the moment it flys overhead.

6 years ago 279,823
[Giorgio Loves Sonic] Video Play Video

Giorgio Loves Sonic

Georgio loves Sonic - and he sings a song about it to the unlucky carhop inside.

1 year ago 1,105
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