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[People Of Walmart Song] Video Play Video

People Of Walmart Song

This is an ode to the People Of Walmart by Jessica Frech. It catalogs every known species of Walmart shopper. It's an anthropological marvel....

4 years ago 4,697,852
[The Assumption Song] Video Play Video

The Assumption Song

This song is about a year old or so but its starting to get popular again so we thought we would toss it back up. If you never heard it before its hilarious.

7 years ago 706,471
[14 Miley Cyrus Songs Ranked] Video Play Video

14 Miley Cyrus Songs Ranked

Okay party people, it’s time for Miley Cyrus’ best songs of all-time… as of now.

8 days ago 92
[Little Mix's New Song! "Black Magic" Details] Video Play Video

Little Mix's New Song! "Black Magic" Details

And just like that, Little Mix has put us under a spell, causing us to replay their newly-released over and over again!!! This has gotta be some sorta “Black Magic!”

8 days ago 15
[That Pilgrim Song] Video Play Video

That Pilgrim Song

We all learned about the first Thanksgiving in grade school, but did you know that the Pilgrims were especially thankful to have rock hard abs and hot bodies? Now you do. Happy Thanksgiving!

5 years ago 101,680
[Song Gun] Video Play Video

Song Gun

A gun that makes people dance is a dangerous thing.

5 years ago 87,555
[The Photobomb Song] Video Play Video

The Photobomb Song

Creepy background guys have been making photos awesome for years. It's about time someone made a tribute to them. Warning: This music video has more full moons than a 2011 wall calendar.

3 years ago 60,572
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[best song] Video Play Video

best song

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[My First Song] Video Play Video

My First Song

I produce this song at FL Studio 11. I a...