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Son Gives Father Classic Car

In order to thank his dad for years of hard work and sacrifice this guy is surprising his dad with a classic car. What an awesome gesture, the father seems like a great guy and really deserves it.

7 years ago 998,541
[Am I Your Son?] Video Play Video

Am I Your Son?

It's a small world, just not this time.

1 year ago 10,034
[SONS OF ANARCHY] Video Play Video


The Rebel Rousing Bikers are back. FX's hit series, Sons of Anarchy, is about to begin it's 4th season with no signs of slowing down. FX has become known for awesome shows like The Shield, Nip/Tuck, and Rescue Me, well, Sons of Anarchy has gotten hig...

2 years ago 2,530
[Dad Owns Son With Tape Prank] Video Play Video

Dad Owns Son With Tape Prank

Some dad totally owns his son with the tape prank. I cant tell if the kid is laughing or crying by the end. Personally I was laughing.

6 years ago 655,625
[Barats And Bereta: The Other Son] Video Play Video

Barats And Bereta: The Other Son

Not many people know about Jesus' younger brother Wesley. Instead of using his powers to help people, he used them to party hard and join a frat! WWWD?

7 years ago 309,159
[Father And Son Survive Being Thrown From Car] Video Play Video

Father And Son Survive Being Thrown From Car

This is one you simply have to see to believe. A van obliterates a passenger car, sending a father and son flying across the street. Amazingly, they survive with no major injuries.

2 years ago 439,174
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