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[This Kitten Can't Even] Video Play Video

This Kitten Can't Even

A kitten covers up it's eyes with it's paws

5 months ago 1,210
[Kitten] Video Play Video


Charlie tries kitten mittens.

7 years ago 6,538
[Smoked Out] Video Play Video

Smoked Out

A kid caught sucking on cancer sticks won't rat out his supplier and gets suspended.

8 years ago 41,522
[Kitten Vs Rooster] Video Play Video

Kitten Vs Rooster

A kitten tries to attack some roosters outside of a glass door

2 months ago 711
[Feral Kitten Bath] Video Play Video

Feral Kitten Bath

A feral kitten getting a bath under a faucet

9 days ago 125
[Kittens In Sync] Video Play Video

Kittens In Sync

A while back we said we would never do another cat pun in the title of a post, but we were just kitten.

4 years ago 396,186
[When The Kitten Needs Some Love] Video Play Video

When The Kitten Needs Some Love

You know that’s nothing but tuna breath and bacteria from licking his own butt for fun in his downtime, right? Never trust an overly licky cat.

6 months ago 30,226
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