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[Smoked Out] Video Play Video

Smoked Out

A kid caught sucking on cancer sticks won't rat out his supplier and gets suspended.

5 years ago 40,589
[Smoking Girl Cinnamon Challenge] Video Play Video

Smoking Girl Cinnamon Challenge

One time someone bet me a quarter to eat a packet of peppers from Pizza Hut. Yeah, I cried like a baby, but I don't know what the smoking girl in this video is complaining about. I'd eat a spoonful of cinnamon for fifty cents and not bat an eyelash. ...

6 years ago 1,343,332
[Sleepy kittens] Video Play Video

Sleepy kittens

Zoey and Domino falling asleep together

1 year ago 655
[Kitten pranked] Video Play Video

Kitten pranked

Kitten loves playing in the bathtub, too bad that this time it was filled with water

1 year ago 890
[Sleeping kitten] Video Play Video

Sleeping kitten

Cute kitten sleeping in the most weird position

11 months ago 989
[Kitten Shot Out Of Pipe With Leaf Blower] Video Play Video

Kitten Shot Out Of Pipe With Leaf Blower

This crazy rescue of a kitten from a pipe just goes to show one thing: we're two years, at most, from the Cat Cannon technology we were promised years ago. We've got to beat Russia to the punch.

2 years ago 132,866
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