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[Dog Owns Little Ice Skater] Video Play Video

Dog Owns Little Ice Skater

Even though he is cute, the dog is sure to get a lot of penalty minutes for this illegal and hilarious play. Dog humping will definitely give the other team a power play.

5 years ago 4,976,065
[Amazing Dog Escapes from Kennel] Video Play Video

Amazing Dog Escapes from Kennel

Someone needs to get this dog a show on The Animal Planet. It would be like Prison Break, only much better.

5 years ago 1,821,108
[Funny Dog] Video Play Video

Funny Dog


2 years ago 12,636
[Horny Dog Ruins Music Video] Video Play Video

Horny Dog Ruins Music Video

This girl wants to make a music video of her dancing but unfortunately her horny dog Hapu ruins everything.

6 years ago 1,507,774
[Creepy Dog Has Scary Bark] Video Play Video

Creepy Dog Has Scary Bark

This dog is so creepy! The vile puppy resembles a hell hound much more than anything on earth. There are two of these things standing on either side of the gates of hell, guaranteed. If you were to record the dog's eerie bark and play it backwards ...

5 years ago 2,385,966
[Now That’s A Funny Dog] Video Play Video

Now That’s A Funny Dog

Later on when the cat’s asleep the dog draws a dong on his face with a Sharpie.

1 year ago 72,747
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