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Dog fail

Heavy sleeping dog falling off a stool

1 year ago 1,371
[Super Slow-Mo Skateboarding Fails] Video Play Video

Super Slow-Mo Skateboarding Fails

This collection of skateboarding fails was recorded with a high speed camera, allowing the video to be slowed down so that you can see the very moment the skater wonders whether he crapped his pants from the impact.

2 years ago 74,142
[Dog Door Fail] Video Play Video

Dog Door Fail

A very adorable yet highly unintelligent dog tries to walk through a door but can't because he has a broom in his mouth. Hilarity ensues. We here at Break wonder what kind of problems this dog has when he's trying to just use the doggy door?

1 year ago 50,900
[Skateboard Fail Becomes Cool Trick] Video Play Video

Skateboard Fail Becomes Cool Trick

Sometimes, it's better to be lucky than good. If he had suffered a real skateboard fail, it would have been much tougher to face his friends. I mean, this isn't really a skateboard fail at all. Is a skateboard fail on a trick really a fail at all? If...

4 years ago 645,791
[Dog trick fail] Video Play Video

Dog trick fail

Riley the dog eats a bone treat off this good mans nose and also is having a taste of the nose itself

1 year ago 803
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