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[Skateboarding Dog Wipes Out On Recycling Bin] Video Play Video

Skateboarding Dog Wipes Out On Recycling Bin

This poor little pooch never asked to pick up a hobby, and now thanks to his owner, his epic fail has made him the laughingstock of the dog park.

6 years ago 76,164
[Awesome Skateboard Stunt] Video Play Video

Awesome Skateboard Stunt

This has to be one of the more ballsy skateboard stunts Ive ever seen. I wonder how many failed attempts it took before they finally landed it.

9 years ago 730,315
[Skateboard Fail Becomes Cool Trick] Video Play Video

Skateboard Fail Becomes Cool Trick

Sometimes, it's better to be lucky than good. If he had suffered a real skateboard fail, it would have been much tougher to face his friends. I mean, this isn't really a skateboard fail at all. Is a skateboard fail on a trick really a fail at all? If...

6 years ago 654,302
[Dogs Skateboarding Through Paris] Video Play Video

Dogs Skateboarding Through Paris

Someone found out how to make Paris better: by having dogs skateboard through it. If this happens often, then I'll go visit.

4 years ago 50,637
[Fat Kid Fails At Skateboarding] Video Play Video

Fat Kid Fails At Skateboarding

This poor kid tries to ride a skateboard for the first time down a small ramp and ends up falling off into the splits.

6 years ago 135,330
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